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Litter in a sentence

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Synonym: clutterdebrisjunkrubbishrubblescraptrashSimilar words: little by littlelittlecommitteea littlelettermuttermatterlatterMeaning: ['lɪtə(r)] n. 1. the offspring at one birth of a multiparous mammal 2. rubbish carelessly dropped or left about (especially in public places) 3. conveyance consisting of a chair or bed carried on two poles by bearers 4. material used to provide a bed for animals. v. 1. strew 2. make a place messy by strewing garbage around 3. give birth to a litter of animals. random good picture
1. It is antisocial to leave one's litter in public places.
2. The whole park is spoiled by litter.
3. The streets were full of litter.
4. Please do not leave litter after your picnic.
5. About 2% of fast-food packaging ends up as litter.
6. People who drop litter can be fined in some cities.
7. If you see litter in the corridor[sentence dictionary], pick it up.
8. Her desk was covered in a litter of books and papers.
9. The cat dropped a litter of four kittens.
10. Her room was in such a litter that she was ashamed to ask me in.
11. Any person found leaving litter will be prosecuted.
12. The tourists left a tail of litter behind them.
13. There's litter everywhere. It's absolutely disgraceful.
14. Our bitch should produce a fine litter. We mated her with John's dog.
15. People who drop litter make me see red.
16. Don't litter the floor.
17. How often is the trash and litter cleaned up?
18. Litter in the barn has bedded down.
19. Don't throw litter about like that.
20. Picnickers are requested not to leave litter .
21. The park was strewn with litter after the concert.
22. Please put your litter in the bin provided.
23. Please do not leave litter.
24. It is antisocial to leave one's litter in public place.
25. Litter was strewn all over the field.
26. He pushed aside the litter of books and papers and laid two places at the table.
27. It was drilled into us at an early age never to drop litter.
28. On Wednesday we cleared a beach and woodland of litter.
29. It really makes me cross to see people dropping litter in the street.
30. The local council has pledged to clamp down on litter louts on the beach.
More similar words: little by littlelittlecommitteea littlelettermuttermatterlatterbetterpatternscatterbatteryno matterbutterflyshort-terma matter ofliterallyliteraryas a matter of factget the better offit toadmit topittanceattendattend tocigarettespliteliteattentionsilhouette
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