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Lingo in a sentence

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Sentence count:42+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-09Updated:2017-03-09
Synonym: argotcantjargonpatoisslangvernacularSimilar words: pangolinring outbring outongoingmudslinginglingeringholding outsinking feelingMeaning: ['lɪŋgəʊ] n. a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves). 
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1. Don't use all that technical lingo try and explain in plain English.
2. In record-business lingo, that means he wanted to buy the rights to the song and market it.
3. I don't speak the lingo.
4. In Italy, of course, Stef can speak the lingo.
5. In computer lingo, a million bytes is commonly referred to as one megabyte.
6. He doesn't speak the lingo.
7. He picked up the local lingo straight away.
8. He picked up the lingo right away, but I can't get any kind of fix on it.
9. In the lingo of the Cold War, who had turned whom?
10. In the lingo of modern thinking, the human is part of the loop.
11. "Deliver the package" is pilot lingo for dropping a bomb on a target.
12. Economics is easy after you learn the lingo.
13. Both ActionScript and Lingo allow an object - oriented approach to programming.
14. It's fun to use the local lingo.
14. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
15. If you live abroad it helps to know the local lingo.
16. I'd like to go to Greece, but I don't speak the lingo .
17. Tourists navigated with resigned expressions: this was Holiday and at least you could understand the lingo.
18. And not much chance of Fishy learning enough of the local lingo to set up a sting like this.
19. His son is probably the guy in the Guinness Draught ad, who is no tourist because he speaks the lingo.
20. Travelling in Spain is much easier if you can speak the lingo.
21. They may make use of the brevity of Latin tags, just as pithy as any adman's lingo.
22. Consumers have no say in this arrangement; they are expected to simply buy the new devices and learn the lingo.
23. Needless to say, movies that depict the Italian mafia in the U. S. A. are choc-a-bloc with mafia lingo.
24. Very amazed ground asks father: " How do you learn to understand these lingo? "
25. Next , in giving them information and instructions , make sure that they understand your lingo.
26. And just for kicks, pull of some of the technical lingo - nothing makes the average person quiet faster than a conversation that is laden with words like eicosapentaenoic acid.
27. The state's Silicon Valley also contributed to English's high tech lingo: software, hardware and megabyte.
28. If you join our course, you'll learn all the business lingo you need.
29. In the paper, Sequence linear programming is used to solve ship form model to obtain an optimal ship form with minimum resistance based on LINGO software.
30. The integer program model of minimal spanning tree was built up by the concepts of root and level of node in LINGO.
More similar words: pangolinring outbring outongoingmudslinginglingeringholding outsinking feelingworking outcooking oilporing oversomething ofat the beginning ofclingflingslinglingerrulingailingrollingyellingfailingsiblingcyclinginklingcurlingmillingwailinghaulingwilling
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