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Linear regression in a sentence

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Sentence count:103Posted:2018-09-12Updated:2018-09-12
Similar words: regression lineregressionregression coefficientdegressionregressiveregressive taxdigressioningressionMeaning: n. the relation between variables when the regression equation is linear: e.g., y = ax + b. 
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1) We chose linear regression for describing the overall changes in mean sperm concentrations, but other statistical models have also been tested.
2) Table V shows results of stepwise multiple linear regression analysis of outcome variables from the ventilated infants.
3) Linear regression, for example, requires all the data to be collected ahead of time and then processed all at once.
4) Linear regression was used for comparison with different variables.
5) Using multiple linear regression analysis, gastritis with atrophy was the only factor that had an independent negative effect on acid secretion.
6) The graph is a linear regression of.
7) Shared care did not contribute to the multiple linear regression model.
8) A multiple linear regression model was used to assess the independent effects on diabetic control of those variables studied.
9) Correlation studies were performed using linear regression and Spearman's correlation coefficients were calculated.
10) Linear Regression with Transformations of the dependent variable.
11) Including: selection of core indicators, calculate indicators'weights, linear regression,( regression.html) classification index level.
12) In this paper, an inputoutput incremental simple linear regression model is used as a predictive model of black box systems, and a projection algorithm is adopted to estimate the model parameters.
13) And the equation of bivariate linear regression between frost heaving ratio and content, compactness is established.
14) The data were analyzed by broad linear regression to carry the single factor and multifactorial analysis.
15) Also the linear regression equation between a cumulative temperature and duration was obtained.
16) Respiratory symptoms were analysed by multiple logistic regression and lung function standard deviation scores by multiple linear regression.
17) Each patient had three measurements of bone mineral density and rates of bone loss were estimated by linear regression for each subject.
18) To investigate relations between sets of possible explanatory factors and each outcome variable a stepwise multiple linear regression analysis was used.
19) Time trends and age at diagnosis were evaluated with a linear regression model by the method of least squares.
20) Two mathematical models of bluish dogbane textile processing were set up by single variable linear regression analysis: one is for the mass of No.
21) Before you plunge into learning more advanced techniques, like multiple regression or manova, you could benefit from having a solid understanding of simple linear regression.
22) Quatitative structure - activity relationship models were constructed by multiple linear regression method.
23) Results were analyzed using t tests, analysis of variance and linear regression.
24) Most often the Genco has an in-house price forecast tool based on available forecasting methods such as the conventional linear regression analysis technique, to cater to the need of a price forecast.
25) The relationship between the Brix and the total soluble sugar content of sweet sorghum stalk juice was determined through one-dimensional linear regression.
26) It proposes an adaptive process scheduling approach based on the curvilinear regression that can be transformed to a linear regression.
27) Methods The measured body parameters and polysomnography(PSG)parameters of 155 patients with OSAHS entered into multiple linear regression analysis to correlate with apnea hyponea index (AHI).
28) Indicators of the bumper close planting tea orchard can be obtained from linear regression equation.
29) This paper deals with the quantitative relations between regression coefficients and partial correlation coefficients in multivariate linear regression, and their statistical meanings.
30) For that, this paper gives a new characteristic index: time serial's Simple Linear regression Coefficient (SLC), this index is mainly used for the long time serial remote sensing image classification.
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