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Line spectrum in a sentence

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Sentence count:19Posted:2018-01-12Updated:2018-01-12
Similar words: visible spectrumspectrumelectromagnetic spectrumradio spectrumlight spectrumatomic spectrumemission spectrumabsorption spectrumMeaning: n. a spectrum in which energy is concentrated at particular wavelengths; produced by excited atoms and ions as they fall back to a lower energy level. random good picture
1. This paper aims to get enough knowledge of line spectrum in acoustic vector signal and extract as more features as possible so as to improve the recognition-rate of targets.
2. By DEMON we can get more and stabler line spectrum information than by LOFAR, which is to make power spectrum analysis of signal directly. Several demodulation methods are introduced and compared.
3. It explained the principle of line spectrum enhancer, and provided the values of the software parameters giving from experiments, and hardware design of an adaptive line spectrum enhancer.
4. Extracting line spectrum from ship- radiated noise is a key technique for identification of underwater targets in passive sonar system.
5. Traditional short-term autocorrelation-based adaptive line spectrum enhancer (SABALSE) becomes low in suppressing Gaussian noise when input signal-to-noise ratio becomes low.
6. After researched with LPC algorithm, A Line Spectrum Pair (LSP) Based Algorithm for Helium Speech Enhancement is proposed in this paper.
7. A variable step-size algorithm is used in adaptive line spectrum enhancement (ALE) to enhance the line spectrum so that SNR is enhanced.
8. Usual detectors include rate-line detector that detects the line spectrum at the rate of the chips and carrier detector that detects the line spectrum at the harmonics of carrier frequency.
9. LSF(Line Spectrum Frequency)quantization exploits the predictive vector quantization(VQ) in the G. 729 coding speech algorithm.
10. Adopting signal processing based on modal recognition, the line spectrum of helicopter sonic noice is obtained through AR modal parameter spectrum estimation attaining a high quality.
11. A method for extracting the low frequency line spectrum of helicopter acoustic signals is presented based on the one and half spectrum estimation.
12. It is shown that propeller cavitation noise is composed of continual spectrum and separable line spectrum.
13. Meanwhile, the selection rule for choosing the special frequency bins and the extracting method are suggested with a line spectrum enhancement.
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14. Simulations show by this method we can precisely estimate time delay for narrow band and line spectrum source in low SNR.
15. This paper analysised the possibility of using the adaptive line spectrum enhancer with LMS to improve the detection range of active sonar according to its characteristics.
16. The Size score is not unusual therefore, used the 87 line spectrum by reason of the string All points are played, each performer will have a voice.
17. The proposed NTTALE has the ability to handle undersea ambient noise twice, to enhance the UMT radiated line spectrum feature twice, and to track well time-varying signals.
18. The main results of the observation of quasars are shown as continuous spectrum, absorption line spectrum and emission line spectrum.
19. First this paper introduces the principle of ACELP, then the relation between linear prediction (LP) coefficient and line spectrum pair (LSP) is provided.
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