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Line of inquiry in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2018-11-08Updated:2018-11-08
Similar words: inquiryinquiry sheetcredit inquiryenquiryinquireinquirerinquire forinquiringMeaning: n. an ordering of questions so as to develop a particular argument. 
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1. The investigation has suddenly switched to a new line of inquiry.
2. With his usual pertinacity, he pursued this new line of inquiry.
3. The police are confident that this new line of inquiry will lead them to the murderer.
4. This line of inquiry proved to be a rewarding path which was, however, to lead in a most unexpected direction.
5. They were unable to pursue any line of inquiry which transgressed across the frontiers of authority of the intelligence organisations.
6. ENIGMA 2 elevated its line of inquiry to metaphysical heights.
7. You have a answer for every possible line of inquiry. You will convince him, via sheer willpower of your identity.
8. So promising is this line of inquiry that a global consortium with members from 17 countries is focusing its efforts entirely on the structural genomics of Mtb.
9. In recent years, one notable line of inquiry which involves the design and implement of specific topic-oriented teaching-learning sequences for teaching science has risen in Europe.
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10. This line of inquiry leads to a more advanced technique.
11. Second, it opens a new line of inquiry into why depression is becoming more common.
12. If we continue down this line of inquiry, most of the time we will end up with the ultimate fears: dying, being nothing, or being nobody.
13. The first line of inquiry: What's happening to $counter?
14. The reaction of the mainstream in macroeconomics was to pursue a second, less extreme line of inquiry.
15. A police statement had already intimated that suicide was the line of inquiry they were following and added that the incident happened in Neustadt-Eilvese and Enke died at the scene.
16. His actions led police to concentrate on a false line of inquiry, leaving the real Yorkshire Ripper to go on to murder three more women before he was finally caught in 1981.
17. The ability to raise capital adequacy requirements is, however, a fruitful line of inquiry.
18. The scientists say they do not expect their calculations to mark the end of this line of inquiry, and are looking to peers to refine methods and conclusions.
19. The enormity of the alleged plot will be matched only by our determination to follow every lead and line of inquiry.
20. Former flying squad commander Roy Ramm said the initial silence from detectives – news of the heist was not made public for five days – indicated they had a line of inquiry.
21. One of the MPs on the committee, Therese Coffey, said the evidence opened up a new line of inquiry.
22. Leave nothing out and be willing to pursue any line of inquiry that will help you better understand each other's past.
23. In response to a question about Mr. Silver, though, Mr. Bloomberg approached the lectern, sidestepped the question and then cut off the line of inquiry, saying they could not speak for Albany leaders.
24. The idea of flipping from one entry to another, following a line of inquiry (especially etymological inquiry) from one page to another, even one volume to another, is a sensual experience.
25. This Forum paper explores some of challenges and difficulties that researchers face, and it develops an agenda for the future development of this important line of inquiry.
26. Speaking at the launch of the inquiry, Sir Muir, who is chairman of the Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland, said: "We are free to pursue and follow any line of inquiry that we wish.
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