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Liberally in a sentence

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Sentence count:86+5 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-07-17Updated:2017-07-17
Similar words: liberalilliberalliberalizeliberalismliberalistliberalityliberal partyliberalizationMeaning: adv. 1. freely in a nonliteral manner 2. in a generous manner. random good picture
1. Large vases of flowers were liberally scattered about the room.
2. His clothes were liberally spattered with mud.
3. Apply the glue liberally to both surfaces.
4. Apply the suntan cream liberally to exposed areas every three hours and after swimming.
5. He subscribed liberally to charities.
6. He liberally sweetened his coffee.
7. He was in his mid-forties, his hair liberally splashed with grey.
8. She smeared the cream liberally on her face.
9. The people around here are more liberally inclined than back home.
10. The strictness of the rules, even when liberally interpreted, has the effect of restricting innovation.
11. Chemical products were used liberally over agricultural land.
12. The word 'original' is liberally interpreted in copyright law.
13. Apply the cream liberally to the affected area.
14. Dark hair, liberally sprinkled with grey, curled a little too long over his collar.
15. Fixed parts should be painted liberally with cold oven cleaner gel and left to stand.
16. One was the detestation by the liberally oriented of religious paternalism, a mild form of anti-clericalism.
17. A spot of work here and there, liberally interspersed with rendezvous with an old flame?
18. One river close to a pharmaceuticals factory was liberally laced with painkillers.
19. Doctors tended to dole them out liberally.
20. Modern circuits seem to be liberally scattered with general purpose silicon diodes such as 1N914s and 1N4148s.
21. Apply the cream liberally.
22. In my mind's eye, your body is liberally smeared with a mixture of walnut oil and Nutella spread.
22. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
23. She hadn't known this until one night, three years ago, when he had imbibed too liberally.
24. Nobody had really made any significant progress in discovering how they worked, these engines Capella handed out so liberally.
25. Even at this distance I could see he was liberally spattered with yellow paint.
26. Born in 1818, he had been educated under the supervision of the liberally inclined Romantic poet Vasilii Zhukovskii.
27. On arrival, the dedicated journos had proceeded to interview everyone, buying drinks and slipping tenners about pretty liberally.
28. If you are making your own sauce, spice it liberally but keep it thin.
29. Each room is specially designed and the centre is liberally scattered with toilets.
30. Classrooms, clinical rooms and seminar rooms are not always liberally equipped with hooks or pegs on which to hang charts.
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