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Leu in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2018-05-15Updated:2018-05-15
Similar words: bleuileusileumpile upsoleuspileuppile-uppleuraMeaning: n. 1. the basic unit of money in Moldova 2. the basic unit of money in Romania. 
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1. The splendid image of Lei Feng will forever live in the hearts of the people.
2. Lei Feng's spirit should be remembered.
3. Lei Feng was the admiration of we all.
4. Our school has been renovated by Lei Feng's spirit.
5. Lei Feng is under a truck fixing a mechanical problem.
6. Of course that's if you exchanged money at the regular exchange rate of 12 lei to the pound.
7. The Romania"s legal tender is the leu.
8. Leu when the drama critic in his book "Music Products" in "the volume of river keep in mind the whole rhythm in words, all workers, carry on for a win 100.
9. Established in 1990, LEU is also a relatively new North Cyprus university.
9. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
10. Eighteenamino acids ( Such as Val , Leu, Lys, etc. ), Vitamin C, Vitamin B 1 ...
11. Molar content of Leu and Val were 21.72% and 11.24% respectively.
12. The most frequent rpoB gene mutations sites are Leu - 531 ( 6 isolates , CAC → TAC ) , Tyr - 526 ( l isolate , GAC → GTC ) and Val - 516 ( 7 isolate, CAC → TAC ) .
13. The direct path coefficients of Glu and Leu on protein content were 1.99 and -1.83, respectively.
14. Today, HEU could be substituted with LEU (low-enriched uranium) in practically all civilian applications.
15. Firstly, the thesis analyzes how Leu converted artistic conception from a poetic theory into a theatrical theory.
16. Since the United States has made similar demands of Brazil and Iran, an LEU compromise with North Korea would have to be part of a larger policy shift in Washington.
17. Daryl Kimball, the head of the Arms Control Association in Washington argued that Iran's LEU stockpile was not the most worrying aspect of the new IAEA report.
18. In fact, about a third of the students in the study, led by Professor Leu[], scored below average on traditional reading tests but did well on the Internet assessment.
19. In the next three to five years more types of LEU fuels should be available, eliminating the remaining technical barriers to such a transition.
20. USEC also replaces the amount of natural uranium displaced by the down-blended LEU. USEC then sells the LEU to U.S. energy utilities as fuel.
21. Objective To investigate effects of D - Ala ~2 - D - Leu ~5 - enkephaiin ( DADLE ) on hemodynomics in rats with hemorrhagic shock.
22. Conversion and dilution of the HEU takes place in Russia, and the resulting LEU is shipped to USEC facilities in the United States to be fabricated into reactor fuel.
23. A report on state-run Iranian radio today also suggested that Tehran accepted the principle of exchanging its LEU for more highly enriched reactor fuel from abroad.
24. As of December 31, 2009, 382 metric tons of HEU had been recycled into 11,047 metric tons of LEU, equivalent to more than 15,000 nuclear warheads eliminated.
25. The inhibitory effect of domestic nafarelin(Naf) on the growth of endometrial explant was studied, and compared with leuprolide (Leu) and danazol in rat and rabbit model of endometriosis.
26. The report shows that Iran is slowly amassing an LEU stockpile but that stockpile we must remember is safeguarded.
27. Amino acid composition analysis showed that the sucrase has about 477 amino acids and there are plentiful of Gly, Glu, Leu, Asp, Thr, Val and Pro in it.
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