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Legitimise in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-11-15Updated:2017-11-15
Similar words: legitimizelegitimacylegitimateillegitimacyillegitimatelegitimationlegitimatelylegitimate powerMeaning: v. make legal. 
1. The importance of these actions is that they legitimise intervention in other spheres, from trade to the environment.
2. The attempt to legitimise Renville met widespread opposition.
3. Stereotypical images of women are used to legitimise male dominance.
4. This would appear to legitimise his interference in operational matters in appropriate cases.
5. It aims to legitimise traditional knowledge and protect it from biopiracy and patent claims by providing information to patent offices for cross-checking of new applications.
6. Critics argue that they legitimise exploitation and abuse, providing dubious working conditions and spawning a vast knock-on industry of illegal street prostitution.
7. These activists legitimise their cause by publishing opinion articles in professional journals and quoting each other liberally, while essentially ignoring the mainstream of science.
8. Their function is to endorse and legitimise decisions made by the Kremlin.
9. This loya jirga is intended to legitimise the power sharing arrangement set up in Bonn and begin to iron out at least some of the inequalities in representation.
10. It will legitimise sex - far from helping girls resist pressure, it will help boys bully girls into sex.
11. Images which glorify violence and cruelty, serve to legitimise such behaviour.
12. They dismissed it as vague and said it would legitimise Labour's devolved Assembly and dilute plans for full independence.
13. Now, belatedly, the Government is thinking of altering the law to legitimise the practice.
14. In order to direct people, those in senior positions require authority to legitimise the instructions and orders they give.
15. Employers, by contrast, can call upon powerful ideological forces in our culture to legitimise their interests.
16. It is not hard to see how the law could be used to legitimise expropriation.
17. Its credibility depends largely on the reflected glamour of natural selection which biology proper is said to legitimise.
18. We believe the criminalisation of sex workers/prostitutes helps to legitimise those who attack them.
19. How it would work in practice is unclear, but critics fear that it will legitimise mob rule.
20. If it were to accept "Macedonia" as a name for the former Yugoslav republic, Greece would legitimise that communist name-grab and lay itself open to territorial claims, or even terrorism.
21. Myers says this could be because party support is seen as important to legitimise a new leader.
22. Microsoft, Yahoo and others are helping to institutionalise and legitimise the integration of censorship into the global IT business model.
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