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Left atrium in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2017-12-05Updated:2017-12-05
Similar words: atriumleft ventricletriumphyttriumtriumphalnatatoriumtriumphantmyometriumMeaning: n. the left upper chamber of the heart that receives blood from the pulmonary veins. 
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(1) We hacked our way into the left atrium and left ventricle, admiring the porterhouse heft of the muscles.
(2) This was especially obvious in patients with enlarged left atrium.
(3) The Volumetric Analysis of Left Ventricle and Left Atrium of. Normal Subjects using Cine Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
(4) The two chambers are the left atrium AY and the left ventricle ( VEN - trih ).
(5) Neither shunt from left atrium to right atrium nor cardiac tamponade was found.
(6) However, the pressure in the left atrium varies , even among normal individuals , from as low as 1 mmHg to as high as 6 mmHg .
(7) Left ventricular failure results in distention of the left atrium, engorgement of the pulmonary veins.
(8) The pump delivered the blood from left atrium to aorta with a bypass flow adjusted to about 50% of the total flow.
(9) After this courtyard inspection discovery, in patient heart left atrium steadily tumor.
(10) From the left atrium the blood passes through the bicuspid valve into the right ventricle.
(11) Span beyond the scale, silly error angle, along with temperature, an emotional, overburdened, in memory of the screen into a scar, mild pain in the left atrium is slowly rising.
(12) The instant invention relates to transseptal access systems and methods for accessing the left atrium (52) from the right atrium (48) by crossing the interatrial septum (50).
(13) Results The surfaces of the prolapsed mitral valves showed rough and accompanied with abnormal tendinous chordae , and their bodies projected into left atrium during systole.
(14) A bright linear echo arises from the atretic tricuspid plane (curved arrow). LA, left atrium. Sp[ ], spine.
(15) Hollow chamber that collects oxygen - rich blood from the left atrium before sending it to aorta.
(16) Objective To explore the value of transthoracic echocardiography in diagnosing persistent left superior vena cava(PLSVC)draining into left atrium (LA).
(17) Programmed stimulation was delivered at coronary sinus ostium, distal coronary sinus and lateral wall of left atrium.
(18) Initial pressure rise: On application of expiratory force, pressure rises inside the chest forcing blood out of the pulmonary circulation into the left atrium.
(19) The superficial branch (circumflex branch) gives off branches to the left atrium, lateral and diaphragm wall of the left ventricle and part diaphragm wall of the right ventricle.
(20) In left area , the contour and size of the left ventricle and left atrium and the shape and coaptation of the mitral valve could be visualized.
(21) No eternal mystery story, not at one's leisure the gossipy tidbits, only the lonely, a sharp pain in my left atrium, right ventricle.
(22) The distension of the coronary sinus will appear as a transverse line (roughly parallel to the atrioventricular valve) in the lower aspect of the left atrium.
(23) Conclusions In normal people, with the increase of age, left atrium size, pressure and reserve function increase, and the passive empty function is reduced in aged people.
(24) The persistent left superior vena cava will drain either in the back of the left atrium or in the coronary sinus.
(25) Conclusion The endothelial function of RHD patients with AF was impaired. There was correlation between FMD and volume of left atrium.
(26) The lateral view of angiocardiography showed two adjacent chambers in the region of left atrium.
(27) Methods: Lobectomy and pneumonectomy via intrapericardial management or combined with partial resection of left atrium were carried out in 141 patients with lung cancer.
(28) These abnormal valve flaps prolapse ( bulge back ) into the left atrium as the left ventricle contracts.
(29) We could put a patient on the heart-lung machine. We could open the left atrium.
(30) Here is a thromboembolism that originated from mural thrombus in the left atrium.
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