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Lead-in in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2018-05-16Updated:2018-05-16
Similar words: lead inleadingpleadingmisleadingpleadinglyleading ladyleading edgemisleadinglyMeaning: n. 1. the introductory section of a story 2. wire connecting an antenna to a receiver or a transmitter to a transmission line. 
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1. He told an amusing story as a lead-in to his speech.
2. He told an amusing story as a lead-in to the serious part of his speech.
3. The lead-in to a news item should only take a few seconds.
4. I may be able to get a good lead-in shot before we even arrive at the hacienda.
5. Syllabus of Building Programming Experience:A Lead-In to Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.
6. It also provides a natural lead-in for your observations and suggestions for improvement.
7. Description Course Pedagogy of Building Programming Experience:A Lead-In to Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.
8. Holes through refractory walls or in ceramic lead-in sleeves , if used, must be large enough to ensure no physical binding of them.
9. Lead-in is not only the starting part of classroom teaching, but also an very important part of it.
10. Among several teaching links, lead-in is one of the most important parts.
11. They were thrilled, finally, to have a decent lead-in for their 9 a.m. local programs.
12. Chronicles will remain as Dollhouse's lead-in until Fox runs out of episodes; later, the Terminator franchise will be replaced by Prison Break for its final six episodes.
13. Each package also has a "lead-in," or introduction, to be read by the newscaster.
14. Lead-in : Today we will talk about western manners in three aspects: Meeting and Greeting People, Introduction and Table Manners.
15. Lead-in of class plays a very important part in students' study. Interest of learning affects the efficiency of students' study too.
16. The lead-in in journalism is an important component in news text. It has the first effect to lead and attract readers.
17. Adopt the lead-in of GPRS delivers the method correspondence method simple, and safe credibility.
18. There will be lead-in and lead-out footage book-ending the deleted scene so viewers don't lose track of where they are in the movie.
19. This is why the best news program may not have ratings as high as a news program with a strong lead-in.
20. The last sentence in a paragraph should form a lead-in to what is to be discussed in the next paragraph.
21. Moreover, the explanatory prose is haphazard (and not infrequently wrong or incoherent -- for example, I cannot make heads or tails of the lead-in to the very first example,
22. The value model will have inputs such as market size, growth rate, prices, discounts, and lead-in to sales of other products; the model computes how these combined inputs translate to license sales.
22. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
23. In other words, this kind of question is often a lead-in to a suggestion or invitation.
24. Secondly, there is a strong desire for a reasonable lead-in time to enable people to prepare for and take their test or to make alternative arrangements.
25. For all of us intuition is not a substitute for rigorous thinking and hard work: It is simply the lead-in.
26. A run phase in which prices break support from the lead-in trend line and plunge lower in a downhill run.
27. Migration of students' knowledge is relative to methods of lead-in, mastery-degree of anterior knowledge, relations of new knowledge and anterior knowledge.
28. To facilitate their combination with needle roller and cage assemblies or the outer ring assembly of needle roller bearings, they have a lead-in at each side of the raceway.
29. The Secret Circle got off to a magical start Thursday, retaining 100 percent of its Vampire Diaries lead-in among total viewers and nearly matching VD in the demo.
30. Presently the new methods include case study, PBL teaching, lead-in teaching, multi-media teaching and analogy teaching etc.
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