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Law of gravity in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-11-14Updated:2017-11-14
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1. Falling objects obey the law of gravity.
2. They know the law of gravity that rules planets and stars and the universe at large.
3. Hammore to suspend the law of gravity?
4. Some years later Newton, using his newly discovered law of gravity, proved that all objects must orbit in elliptical paths.
5. 'You don't even control the climate or the law of gravity.
6. These include the law of gravity and a new explanation of color and light.
7. The law of gravity is nonsense.
8. Newton's observations about nature led him to the law of gravity.
9. The law of gravity has been proven.
10. The teacher give a demonstration of the law of gravity.
11. He called this the law of gravity.
12. We have to submit to law of gravity.
13. Newtow conclusively established the law of gravity.
14. Isaac NEWTON: Laws of motion, Law of gravity, Calculus, Reflecting telescope.
15. It's defying the law of gravity.
16. The law of gravity would keep the plane on the ground or pull it back down.
17. It was Sir Isaac Newton who discovered the law of gravity.
17. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
18. After Isaac Newton worked out the law of gravity in 1687, his friend Edmund Halley became fascinated with comets.
19. The law of gravity was nonsense.'
20. Q : Who discovered the law of gravity?
21. Newton's law of gravity.
22. Even if disease or injury does not nullify our appearance, the law of gravity will soon alter it significantly!
23. The trustees cannot change the truth any more than they can cancel the law of gravity.
24. Many people think of God an impersonal force, something akin to the law of gravity.
25. The first is propositional knowledge about natural phenomena and their regularities, e. g. , the law of gravity and the germ theory of disease.
26. We to get round to testing , let's say, Newton's Law of Gravity, about 300 years ago.
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