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Lavabo in a sentence

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Similar words: lavalavagebaklavalavationlavatorybalaclavapillow lavagastric lavageMeaning: n. a basin for washing the hands (`wash-hand basin' is a British expression). 
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1. Traditional lavabo is fundamental key with white, although also have the product of a few amaranthine , weak pink, but have the market as expression of white, character.
2. Lavabo cooperates to protect the integral colour environment of bath space now, the diversification with together with qualitative material, colour more rich, individuation.
3. The lavabo of of primitive simplicity, massiness is made after the conventional technology that make a surname is transformed, let a person experience pastoral romance and nature.
4. But the lavabo that if be quality, owes beautiful, can go up full birdbath flows to the ground even, wet the floor flyblown .
5. Put lavabo into shower area, that is to say, arrange lavabo in wet area.
6. Look from visual effect, the mirror on gules lavabo and wall, form contrast all round palely , colorific is tie-in, only beautiful and perceptual.
7. The traditional lavabo that defend bath, the habit embeds mesa falls.
8. Present lavabo pays attention to personalized appearance, put alone, popular is the lavabo of independent type table that the sort of on mesa putting.
9. It is a kind of polishing wheel installed in irregular shape edge, straight-line rounding edge and lavabo grinding machine, also called skin wheel.
10. As luck would have it I find a ticket in the lavabo for a concert. Light as a feather now I go there to the Salle Gaveau.
11. Pledge besides formative material,( it is colour another bit when lavabo changes.
12. It is a kind of polishing wheel installed in irregular shape edge, straight-line rounding edge and lavabo grinding machine.
13. Wherever the joint between the wall and bathtub, cabinet, lavabo, water thanks etc.
14. Results There were 68.4% targets using the ecological toilet and 66.8% owned lavabo, 51.4% set washing-hand bathroom in family and 56.9% attained safety water supply.
15. Red cabinet put oneself in another's position, contracted design, this paragraph in the female consumers lavabo is very popular.
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