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Landsat in a sentence

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1. Landsat and Meteosat satellites regularly relay aerial, pictures of locust-infested desert areas.
2. Individual houses are not visible on a Landsat image, but large objects like highways are.
3. This pair of images from NASA's Landsat 7 satellite shows the dramatic impact the collapse had on many of the glaciers that fed the Larsen B Ice Shelf.
4. The scientists used a Landsat image from the period during the outbreak and compared it with an image from before the outbreak.
5. The Landsat satellites have collected information about Earth from space since 1972.
6. This pair of images captured by the NASA/USGS Landsat 5 satellite illustrates one of the most common ways the river changes course.
7. NASA's Landsat 5 satellite captured these images of three boomburbs—Irving, Carrollton, and Plano—along the northeastern margin of the Dallas Metropolitan area.
8. The Thematic Mapper on NASA's Landsat 5 satellite captured these true-color images on August 11, 1984 (top), and September 1, 2009 (bottom).
9. This image, based on data collected by the Landsat 5 satellite on August 9, 2006, shows evapotranspiration from vegetation on the Snake River Plain in south-central Idaho.
10. The Landsat program began in 1972, and since then seven earth-observation satellites have been launched.
11. As stated in the Landsat nomination: "There is simply no other image record of the Earth's land regions at this scale or over the same period of time (1972-1992)."
12. He said the free availability of Landsat data is going to encourage greater understanding of land use.
13. The latest, alleged, Landsat incident is a clear example of that.
14. The Earth Resources Technology Satellite, later renamed Landsat 1, developed by NASA, made satellite imagery available to the public for the first time.
15. Up for sale are both its meteorological satellites and the Landsat craft that carry out land surveys of the globe.
16. What are the main factors producing geometric distortion in Landsat images? 4.
17. This chapter contains an introduction to methods of digital image processing applied to Landsat image data.
18. Outline the difficulties that might be encountered when relating Landsat imagery to conventional maps.
19. In such a model the weights themselves will have a direct interpretation as the average population density per Landsat pixel.
20. An analysis for automatic classification of field crops-field corn and wheat, using the Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) scenes on July and August , 98, in Seneca County, New York state is presented.
21. NASA and USGS are planning on a launch of Landsat 8 in early 2013, which may be none too soon.
22. The false color image of the Ganges River Delta was taken in 2000 by the Landsat 7 satellite.
23. NASA Earth Observatory image created by Robert Simmon using Landsat data provided by the United States Geological Survey. Caption by Holli Riebeek.
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24. Two months earlier, on December 6, 2009, the Thematic Mapper Plus on NASA's Landsat 7 satellite captured a detailed image of the area where the games will be held.
25. The Lena's delta, shown here in a false-color image taken by the Landsat 7 satellite in 2000, covers more than 11,000 square miles on the Laptev Sea.
26. Belward expects the pressure on land use to remain relentless, and says the Landsat program must remain in place to keep track of the changing landscape.
27. The previous scientific standard sea ice images from the Landsat program have a resolution of 15 meters.
28. WASHINGTON, 23 April 2008. NASA has selected General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems Inc., to build the Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) spacecraft.
29. They analysed four million square kilometres of the region, using over 300 Landsat satellite images.
30. This paper has demonstrated the possibility of developing algorithms to extract lineament information from Landsat TM imagery. We made Use of image smoothing. edge tracing.
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