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Landing gear in a sentence

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Sentence count:60Posted:2017-10-12Updated:2017-10-17
Similar words: landinglanding craftcrash landinglanding stripheartrendingwedding gowngearingbreeding groundMeaning: n. an undercarriage that supports the weight of the plane when it is on the ground. random good picture
1. The plane landed after the landing gear had deployed.
2. The aircraft's landing gear grazed the treetops as it landed.
3. The landing gear is also a touch fighter-style - tall, thin and hard.
4. Was the landing gear up or down, or was one leg out of phase with the other?
5. The plane's landing gear had been sabotaged.
6. The left landing gear went into an unplowed area of the taxiway.
7. That report was filed after the landing gear failed a latch check and unsafe lights were on when the gear was retracted.
8. After the point landing gear to the cockpit for the whole open.
9. Such warnings include airframe ice, carburetor ice, landing gear tire blown[], and others.
10. We're unable to crank landing gear down.
11. After the three-point landing gear to the cockpit for the whole open.
12. I accomplish this with a telescopic landing gear.
13. What makes this form of landing gear most attractive is its simplicity.
14. A landing gear drop test method is presented in this paper, in which the lift is simulated by an air actuator and accumulator system with constant pressure.
15. P Evidence of leak on right landing gear.
16. The MiG-29K modifications included arrestor gear and stronger landing gear for carrier landings, folding wings and rust proofing to reduce corrosion from all that salt water.
17. Suddenly one of the helicopters floundered, its landing gear snagged on the guy wire of a transmission tower.
18. Design consultation and manufacturing of spring aluminum landing gear and aviation composites.
19. The Dowty group will provide twenty five million pounds worth of fuel systems and landing gear for the Tornado.
20. Only way I can get the plane I need is you lend e the money to buy the other landing gear.
21. They entered service with engraved foil type recorders, usually fitted in the landing gear bay.
22. The result was a mild crash; as they hit the ground, the propeller broke and the landing gear gave way.
23. The rapid downward motion of the fuselage is stopped by the impact through the landing gear.
24. As an example, a torque arm of the aircraft landing gear is optimized. Results show that the method is quite effective.
25. In this paper, the fault tree analysis is presented for reliability evaluation of an aircraft landing gear system.
26. It consists of fuselage, canard, two main wings, wingtip -fin, landing gear and engine, etc.
27. Airline Employee: There has been a mechanical malfunction with the landing gear.
28. They drew up a rough draft and worked on weight calculations, allowing for fuel, crew, armaments, landing gear and bomb load.
29. Low-alloy ultrahigh strength steel 300M in tempered martensite condition is a main structural material of aircraft landing gear.
30. If it is known that the reliability sketch of the aircraft landing gear system is a series system, then the fault tree is a coherent system one.
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