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Lade in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2017-04-05Updated:2017-04-05
Antonym: dischargeunburdenunloadSimilar words: gladeladenbladeaccoladefusilladebangladeshphiladelphiacall a spade a spadeMeaning: [leɪd] v. 1. remove with or as if with a ladle 2. fill or place a load on. random good picture
1. Dragging the fully laden boat across the sand dunes was no mean feat.
2. The tables were laden with food.
3. He always comes back from France laden with presents for everyone.
4. He took the heavily laden tray from her.
5. The ship was laden with war materials.
6. I came home laden with cardboard boxes.
7. The waiter was pushing a laden sweet trolley towards our table.
8. The dinner table was laden with crystal and silver.
9. He is laden with heavy responsibility.
10. The trees were laden with apples.
11. Many of their heavy industries are laden with debt.
12. The trucks were laden with food and medicine.
13. The men trudged up the hill, laden with supplies.
14. His voice was soft, yet laden with threat.
15. The apple trees were laden with fruit.
16. The bushes were laden with fruit.
17. He was laden with misery after the death of his wife.
18. Her eyes were laden with tears when she heard the sad news.
19. Nochmals Entschuldigung, heute lade ich ( Euch daf ü r ) ein.
20. Old days never die, they just lade away.
21. Fool lade out all the water, and wise men take the fish.
22. My aunt was a lade of strong mind great resolution, she was a very manly woman.
23. See a few lade the yellow croaker car with overweight, slow drive a vehicle, be on duty personnel helps its go-cart instantly, accelerate car have enough to meet need.
24. They must not be lade led into making bogus investments.
25. Halfway through the talk someone wheeled in a trolley laden with drinks.
26. Standing up, he unbuckled his belt, and spread it laden across his waist.
27. Mann : Wenn es ein sch ? nes M ? dchen ist, lade ich sie ins Kino ein.
28. We shouldn't really make any plans until the fat lade sings.
29. This is a circuit plan of secondhand radiodetector truck lade weight with ultrasonic structural is simple.
30. There is absolutely no concern over the Chinese ship that's keel was lade 25 years ago. Not even a good training ship in today's world.
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