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Kick around in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-09-16Updated:2017-09-16
Similar words: stick aroundtalk aroundlook aroundwalk aroundaroundget aroundgo aroundall aroundMeaning: v. 1. be around; be alive or active 2. treat badly; abuse 3. discuss lightly. random good picture
1. The idea of flight had been kicking around for centuries before man actually achieved it.
2. There must be a copy of it kicking around the office somewhere.
3. There's a copy of the report kicking around somewhere.
4. I found this book kicking around upstairs; is it yours?
5. My grandfather is still kicking around!
6. Is the chairman still kicking around? I thought he had left years ago.
7. Davis kicked around in several stock companies.
8. I've been kicking around Europe since I saw you last.
9. This old suitcase looks as though it has been kicked around a lot.
10. They started to kick around the idea of an electric scraper.
11. There's a pen kicking around on my desk somewhere.
12. My shirt is kicking around on the floor somewhere.
13. She'd had enough of being kicked around by her boss.
14. They spent the summer kicking around Europe.
15. He kicked around a good deal before settling down.
16. John likes to kick around the little boys.
17. He kicked around India for a few months.
18. Journalists have always had inflight magazines to kick around.
19. Throughout all of this Manchester United has been kicked around like a football.
20. He believed they understood what it was like to be kicked around by white men.
21. Does the old man still kick around?
22. I want to kick around some ideas with you.
23. Let kick around a few more proposals before we come to a final decision.
24. I am not some kid everybody can kick around anymore.
25. Horse horse kick around. In the air andon the ground.
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26. They won't have me to kick around any more!
27. Woodwork Drogba's low free - kick around the wall strikes the outside of the post.
28. After playgroup we drove to Sagaponack to swim, make sand castles and kick around a soccer ball.
29. Let's meet before next week's meeting, Jane. I want to kick around some ideas with you.
30. Dyspeptic travel commentators , though , have increasingly fewer reasons to kick around the globe - trotting Japanese.
More similar words: stick aroundtalk aroundlook aroundwalk aroundaroundget aroundgo aroundall aroundbum aroundsit aroundcome aroundlie aroundbat aroundrun aroundrunaroundhang aroundget around toturn aroundmess aroundboss aroundplay aroundmill aroundturnaroundfool aroundshop aroundbring aroundhorse arounddrive aroundmonkey aroundaround the clock
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