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Keywords in a sentence

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Sentence count:118Posted:2017-12-29Updated:2017-12-29
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(1) These hard copy keywords must be entered as the final keywords in the configuration file.
(2) The following information specifies all the keywords of a module header, and the required and optional user-supplied information.
(3) Keywords are not included in square brackets and must be upper case.
(4) Those keywords that are allowed are shown in bold type.
(5) But when Arrowsmith found other keywords in the abstracts of papers on both subjects, it soon made the connection.
(6) The questions and keywords were provided by the teacher pupils in the early stages of this unit.
(7) Blank lines must not be inserted between keywords.
(8) Since they are based on keywords they are only as comprehensive as the overall contents.
(9) Keywords: supply chain management, inter - organizational systems, electronic data interchange, automotive industry.
(10) Keywords: fractography, brittle material, failure mode, model rock.
(11) Keywords: ash, heavy metal, dioxin, melting technology, slag.
(12) Keywords: honesty and faithfulness. enterprise. corporate ethics. moral capital. corporate culture.
(13) Keywords: post - tension process , unbounded prestressed; overlong concrete structure.
(14) Keywords: Government Power, the Rule of Law, Evolution[], Replicator Dynamics.
(15) Keywords: dressing, grinding wheel, wear, diamond form roller.
(16) Keywords: ultra - low carbon bainitic steel, tempering, transmission electron microscopy.
(17) The nature of the relationships is defined by a set of keywords followed by the name of the related module.
(18) Pupils are capable of articulating a need for information and expressing that need in terms of curriculum-based concepts and keywords. 4.
(19) Numeric values may include calculation so long as there are no keywords.
(20) It logs into a variety of electronic news sources and looks for articles with keywords specified by the user.
(21) Subject approaches may be made through classification numbers, subject headings or keywords.
(22) Since variables named in lower case will never be confused with keywords, many programmers use upper case only for keywords.
(23) The microcomputer then searches the file to discover any entries indexed using both keywords.
(24) While not all states call their human relations commission agencies by the same name, try typing your state and the keywords human relations commission?or commission on human rights.
(25) To improve document clustering, a document similarity measure based on cosine vector and keywords frequency in documents is proposed, but also with an input ontology.
(26) Whole-hearted pursuit of more general, high-traffic search terms at the expense of lower-volume, high-conversion keywords may send you (and your money) barking up the wrong tree.
(27) The person that often browses Baidu can discover, encounter a few popular keywords, be like, camera of mobile phone, number, palmtop computer, film(, before 45 pages are promotion.
(28) On notes list view, long press on Option Menu button, you will see the keyboard, input the keywords, you will proceed the quick search feature on the note list.
(29) At last, we make a conclusion that the future research will focus on the semantic relation construction of keywords.
(30) Firstly, according to the information of the concept hierarch tree, weight of keywords which were extracted from text are adjusted, and some latent keywords which donot appear in text are recruited.
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