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Keyword in a sentence

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Sentence count:147Posted:2017-07-24Updated:2017-07-24
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1. You can find the site by entering the keyword 'Quark'.
2. The module referred to by the keyword BUILT-BY is the command file which builds i.e compiles, links etc. the package.
3. Action: Keyword SELECTED-ISSUE, PREFERRED-ISSUE-IN-FILE or LATEST-ISSUE-IN-FILE not found or wrongly spelt.
4. Note that this keyword must be included even if there are no users to be granted access.
5. They are then arranged in a concept/keyword map that combines the syllabus concepts and the relevant subject content of indexed resources.
6. Action: Keyword IN-FILE not found or wrongly spelt.
7. This is achieved via the SET-QAO-LOG keyword in the process model definition.
8. The DC-ACCESS keyword may be repeated up to 10 times allowing specification of up to 100 users.
9. The briefcase-sized black box contained a keyword selection computer.
10. As mentioned earlier, the private keyword prevents variables from being accessed by other classes in the hierarchy.
10. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
11. To create an autonomous procedure, the keyword AUTONOMOUS is specified on the CREATE PROCEDURE statement, as shown in Listing 2.
12. The TEMPLATE keyword, new in IBM i 6.1, informs the RPG compiler that this file will be used for field definition only, thus no IO operations are required or allowed for this file.
13. By default, it matches only sequences of "keyword" characters (alphanumerics and underscore), and it has no deep sense of context beyond matching what’s immediately to the left of the cursor.
14. Granted, that little keyword "true" in the open() method sets up an asynchronous request.
15. That's because variables specified in a closure's use keyword are lexically scoped.
16. The program allows you to retrieve items quickly by searching under a keyword.
17. Note that the vertical bars must be included as part of the syntax, as they separate parameters within each keyword.
18. A maximum of 10 users may be specified at each DC-ACCESS keyword.
19. The service works via direct modem hookup or through Internet connection and allows simple searches by keyword.
20. The start of the module header is denoted by the keyword HEADER-FORMAT-IS.
21. That computer could sort e-mail or documents by content, not just by keyword.
22. Soft line , apply palely, romantic integral feeling is the keyword that nowadays female home installs.
23. A simple query will return a list of results, products that have been sorted by relevance to the given keyword(s), price, rating, available discounts, or popularity.
24. As one of the two information retrieval languages, it consists of keyword language, system of subject heading, descriptor indexing.
25. Of Jiangxi farming how does by - product share trade, this is a keyword.
26. You can add to the work batch on the system directory, keyword group, and database directory.
27. A multi-level document clustering algorithm was proposed based on association rules, It constructed document feature vector of topic and keyword by using a new method of document feature extraction.
28. Base on the discussion of the hierarchy, the G-code Keyword Function Table (GKFT) and the G-code Grouping (GG) are presented in detail.
29. QMS is then combined with classical counting algorithm to improve the efficiency of keyword - expression matching algorithm.
30. However, the actual track of the situation I found a regular change exception is the keyword ranking jumping up and down periodically.
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