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Key word in a sentence

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Similar words: wordwordsswordforewordwordingin a wordwordnetin other wordsMeaning: n. 1. a word that is used as a pattern to decode an encrypted message 2. a significant word used in indexing or cataloging. random good picture
1 A key word index is an enlargement to the book.
2 The key word here is diversify; don't put all your eggs in one basket.
3 'Caution' is the key word in this situation.
4 The key word then features in a large illustration for the child to colour in.
5 No. 12 Choose a particular key word.
6 The key word in doing this is attitude.
7 Idioms are arranged alphabetically by key word for easy reference.
8 How was the key word, that it will take the views of the leaders.
9 And the search amount of phoneticize of certain key word is very considerable also, discharge is very helpful to stabilizing a rank.
10 Self - Talk Key Words : Use one key word to keep the focus flowing.
11 "Traceability is a key word - traceability means transparency and transparency means credibility," she added.
12 Given a list of titles and a list of "words to ignore", you are to write a program that generates a KWIC (Key Word In Context) index of the titles.
13 Simply enter the name of the key word effects can be queried.
14 Can not find such product, please input the key word again!
15 So the key word here is that we asked you to identify the third excited state. So, what white is n equal 4 Ok to for the third excited state? 4 OK.
16 A unary operator is named by using the key word operator followed by the unary operator symbol.
17 It's a dilemma for commercial television, the key word being " commercial. "
18 The key word is edu - tainment.
19 Its characteristic is that the candidate set is adopted by the key word identifies, and at the same time transaction data is compressed by transaction and item.
20 If you are unable to locate a specific term in this resource,[] the Medline Plus Medical Dictionary presents the opportunity to do a key word search.
21 The specific epithet variously did or did not repeat a key word from the phrase - name.
22 So my habit according to people , became a few key word that misremember easily: Fryer 3889 fryers 3385 wait.
23 2013 is the high- speed railway equipment industry growth in the 5 - year, high- speed and heavy -duty rolling stock procurement is the key word.
24 Search engine market dimensions: Point to the sum of sales revenue of key word advertising.
25 In the Syntax testing module, the testing method of file identifier, key word, etc, which adopts computer compile technology, combining the structure characteristic of examined file, is researched.
26 Sun Ding : Searching a field, what we are familiar with more still is key word search.
27 Introducing the producing process of High Purity Barium Carbonate By Barium Hydroxide, product quality and using results. Key word:Barium Hydroxide, High Purity Barium Carbonate, Preparation.
28 Some key points in processing data flow are given, and theseareh cutting method is also proposed by auxiliary key word search.
29 From development experience, they've learned that change is the key word in crisis. Change is the best way to deal with all kinds of unexpected incidents and unchangeableness.
30 Treats are great in moderation , but moderation is the key word.
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