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Ketone in a sentence

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Similar words: phenylketonuriatake tolet onget onketosisbet onset onget on toMeaning: n. any of a class of organic compounds having a carbonyl group linked to a carbon atom in each of two hydrocarbon radicals. 
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1. These substances are referred to collectively as ketone bodies.
2. These leftovers, the ketones, not only cause bad breath but constipation, nausea, and weakness as well.
3. Carvone : Ketone found in caraway, dill and spearmint oils.
4. Hit ketone to still do not come how should menstruation do?
5. In the blood the fatty acid and the ketone body big trough increase when.
6. More than 95% of Raspberry ketone, Piperonal, Modafinil have been exported to the Europe and America and South Eastern Asian countries and enjoy an excellent fame in the overseas market.
7. Preparing alkenyl halide from aldehyde and ketone.
8. The RDX ketone is synthesized from urotropine and urea, using nitric acide and phosphorus pentoxide as nitrating agent.
9. The application prospect and production of methyl ethyl ketone in China were outlined, and reasonable suggestions on development of methyl ethyl ketone were presented.
10. Postoperative arterial blood ketone body ratio (KBR)was compared with the clinical course in 169 cases undergoing major surgery, all patients were divided into three groups.
11. It suggests that the metabolism of ketone body is correlative with the status of glycogen stores and the fatty acid metabolism.
12. Novel synthetic methods for alkyl methyl ketone, symmetric diketone , long-chain diketone and macrocyclic ketone were provided.
13. In ovarian secrete corpus luteum ketone previously, gland flocculus growth is extremely narrow.
14. Which kinds of medicine is chlorin amine ketone? What effect is there?
15. Results shown: positive percentage of urine ketone body is 10% and that of milk ketone body is 29.
16. Any of various carbohydrates containing ketone group.
17. The reducing properties of monosaccharides are attributable to the presence of a free aldehyde or ketone group.
18. It consists of glucose and fructose, combined through their aldehyde and ketone groups.
19. Preparation of methyl isobutyl carbinol(MIBC)was studied by catalytic hydrogenation of methyl isobutyl ketone(MIBK)in liquid phase on Raney nickel catalyst.
20. is obtained by esterification of 6,7 - dihydroxyl - 3,3 - diphenyl - 3 H - benzofuran - 2 - ketone employing 2 - diazo - 1 - naphthoquinone - 5 - ...
21. The invention relates a method of synthesizing alkynol with ketone and acetylene.
22. Used as a component of solvents in the process of the azeotropism, and could partly replace toluene[], xylene and methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK).
23. This article refers to the synthesis of methyl isopropyl ketone using isobutylaldehyde - acetic acid as raw materials.
24. Its packaging liquor consists of perchlorinated olefin compound resin, organic solvent colloidal solutions of ketone, acetic ester and benzoic ester and dye.
25. At the same time, some other oxycompound groups, such as carbonyl group, aldehyde group and ketone group, appear or increase with temperature rising.
26. A new bimetallic basicity catalyst used for synthesis of methyl isobutyl ketone from acetone and hydrogen.
27. Tall lipemia, high lipoprotein hematic disease, tall triglyceride, tall dissociate fatty acid hematic disease, disease of tall ketone blood, very person produce ketosis acid toxic.
28. A series of ultrafiltration membrane were made from chloromethylated poly(phthalazinone ether sulfone ketone)(CMPPESK)with N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone as solvent.
29. When chroma of serum Potassium ion is elevatory, can promote adrenal coriaceous secrete aldehyde solid ketone, make potassium is excreted thereby increase, make potassium ion chroma returns to normal.
30. The temperature dependence of impact fracture toughness of phenolphthalein polyether ketone(PEK-C) was studied by using an instrumented impact tester.
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