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Kaolinite in a sentence

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Similar words: kaolinkaolinebenito mussolinifiniteinfinitedefinitefinitelynon-finiteMeaning: n. a mineral consisting of aluminum silicate; main source of kaolin. 
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1 Kaolinite clays are mainly composed of the clay mineral kaolin.
2 Burial diagenesis can cause the kaolinite group of minerals to be neoformed, transformed or destroyed.
3 Experiment research conducted on calcination of kaolinite from coal measure regarding the influential factors on whiteness of the final product.
4 The results show that the digestion rate of kaolinite, illite and pyrophyllite in aluminate solution is influenced by reaction conditions such as temperature.
5 It is mainly transformed from kaolinite and seldom from sedimentary illites. Some autogenetic ammonium illites were found in the cracks.
6 By adding only 5% kaolinite in the calcination process, the dealkalization rate could be increased to 100%.
7 It is cinnabar and dickite, kaolinite petrochemical and hydrothermal alteration of the product of mercury.
8 These are: kaolinite, montmorillonite, illite, chlorite and vermiculite.
9 The size distributions of diaspore, kaolinite and limonite ground in a ball mill in turn were studied.
10 Of these minerals, kaolinite, illite and chlorite are commonest.
11 The processing techniques of coal series kaolinite are introduced.
12 Clay fraction is dominated by illite and kaolinite with small proportions of smectite, chlorite and vermiculite.
13 The kaolinite - potassium acetate intercalation complex was prepared and characterized by XRD, FT - IR, and TG - DSC .
14 The well - crystallized kaolinite could be turned into intercalated and amorphous derivatives by controlling reaction conditions.
15 Diagenetically authigenic minerals are dominantly kaolinite, chlorite, siliceous,( and ferruginous calcite.
16 The aluminium oxide in Kaolinite is leached in hydrochloric acid which is the foundational reaction to produce poly-aluminium chloride. In general, batch reactor is adopted in the reaction.
17 Kaolinite and the kaolinite-potassium acetate intercalate were studied by X-ray diffraction and Raman spectra.
18 In addition, the influence of structural property of kaolinite to wave velocities and dynamic mechanical parameters are analysed.
19 Influences of phosphates on the dispersion of diaspore, kaolinite , illite and pyrophyllite were systematically investigated by sedimentation experiments.
20 Mullite particles was synthesized by hydrothermal crystallization from kaolinite in coal measures.
21 The experiment result show boehmite , kaolinite and rutile are refractory mineral , and iron mineral, Ca-mineral and quartz companied by Fe or Ca are easily melt .
22 The Thorium versus Potassium cross-plot confirms illite as being the main clay and kaolinite as the secondary clay mineral.
23 The region is characterized by permafrost, and smectite and kaolinite are the common authigenic clay minerals in the soils.
24 The predominant clay mineral constituents in lake muds from both regions include smectite, illite-smectites and lesser kaolinite.
25 Ore is in the phase of clay minerals in which gibbsite is less and kaolinite commonly coexists with illite.
26 This paper introduces the concepts, mineral compositions and chemical components of the coal measure Kaolinite, and expounds the production techniques and key processes of the coal measure Kaolinite.
27 The rapid conversion of montmorillonite and the mass formation of kaolinite are related to large-scale dissolution of clastic rock.
28 The application of magnetic seeding separation process in refining kaolinite containing coal has been studied.
29 XRD, FT -IR results show that formamide was intercalated into the interlayer of kaolinite and the intercalated ratio can be affected by the reaction time.
30 Aim To investigate the sorption mechanism of chlorobenzenes on CTMAB modified kaolinite.
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