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Jury-rigged in a sentence

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Sentence count:12Posted:2018-01-12Updated:2018-01-12
Similar words: riggedriggertriggeroutriggertriggeredtriggeringhair triggertrigger-happyMeaning: adj. done or made using whatever is available. random good picture
1 Under instructions from Mission Control, he had jury-rigged several emergency systems, which were working tolerably well.
2 At best, jury-rigged silencers are nearly worthless. At worst, they can particially block the gun barrel causing it to overpressure and explode.
3 My three crew members jury-rigged a replacement, more of a steering oar than a rudder, but in fact the four daggerboards suddenly proved their worth.
4 Mahler jury-rigged a cable to connect the PC to a refurbished arcade monitor.
5 The jury-rigged explosives hit a new high there last month: 736 in June, compared to 308 in June 2008, and 234 in June 2007.
6 Within a couple of years,[] Larry was experimenting with digitizing books using a jury-rigged contraption in our office.
7 Some remnants of their old genius remained, though it mainly resulted in the hilariously jury-rigged goblin tech we see today.
8 Its descendants gradually improved the function of their primitive lungs, morphed their lobe fins into legs, and jury-rigged their jaw joints to hear in the air instead of water.
9 The temperature of the three reactors with damaged central cores still fluctuates and water systems for the spent-fuel pools are jury-rigged at best.
10 The episodes in the hatch bring science to the forefront in the series, and remain intriguing for the jury-rigged nature of the computers and other equipment.
11 The breathing gear the med group had fashioned for the Invid was a jury-rigged affair of masks, tanks, and tubes, giving Tesla a decidedly elephantine appearance.
12 We never met a problem we couldn't solve with some duct tape, a jury-rigged coat hanger, and a pinch of code.
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