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Jurassic in a sentence

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Sentence count:135Posted:2017-10-29Updated:2017-10-29
Similar words: brassica napusclassical musicclassicclassicsclassicalbrassiereneoclassicclassicallyMeaning: [‚dʒʊə'ræsɪk] n. from 190 million to 135 million years ago; dinosaurs; conifers. adj. of or relating to or denoting the second period of the Mesozoic era. random good picture
1. Jurassic Park had broken all box office records.
2. Pictures of dinosaurs popped up in Jurassic Park.
3. Jurassic Park beat the record set by Batman Returns, which took £31.8m in its first four days.
4. Cassiduloid sea urchin, Pygurus costatus, Jurassic.
5. Faulting is therefore mostly of Jurassic age although during the late Cretaceous it formed the locus for strong inversion and fault-block readjustment.
6. To Jody, this is all Jurassic Age thinking, and Rich and his ilk are dinosaurs.
7. These gigantic creatures became extinct in the Jurassic period.
8. A few related species occur in the Jurassic.
9. Again(, Jurassic Park is among the biggest sellers.
10. Their fossils are commonest in Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous rocks.
11. This is a common conclusion for the Jurassic coal bearing basins in the Northwest China.
12. Coal measures in Xiaonan coalmine belong to Jurassic terrestrial deposit.
13. Florida's Seminole call this section of swamp the Jurassic.
14. The natural gas in Jurassic reservoirs is sourced from the underlain upper Triassic source rock in the upper part of Xujiahe formation.
15. An image feet of live mainly in Jurassic and cretaceous.
16. Lowstand System Tracts of Early and Metaphse Jurassic Period was undergrown, of which Transgressive Systems Tract and Highstand Systems Tract made up .
17. Photo Gallery: Jurassic Period Clinging to life on an offshore crag, a tuatara looks little different from his Jurassic relatives.
18. A whole range of other reptiles were present in the Jurassic and Cretaceous; none of them are dinosaurs.
19. The Flandrau Science Center goes back and forth with a pair of presentations exploring both the Jurassic past and the intergalactic future.
20. A few species generally resembling this one occur in Jurassic and Cretaceous rocks.
21. Here there are thick deposits of iron ore near the base of some rocks of oolitic limestone which are of Jurassic age.
22. Maturation studies, based on geochemical analysis, demonstrate that gas-generative maturity is largely dependent on Jurassic burial.
23. These wide- (or sub-wide)-gauge tracks suggest that there was a large sauropod, possibly a member of Titanosauriformes, in Changdu Prefecture during the Early-Middle Jurassic.
24. Giant Lufeng Long Shuyuan the sauropod dinosaur, is earlier than the Jurassic Period time has existed.
25. The author finds out the imbricate thrust structure within low Jurassic series in Qidam basin Lenghu 5 fold core and considers the structure formed in late Yanshan movement.
26. Paleontologists in China's Henan Basin discovered this nest of fossilized eggs laid by the Jurassic duck-billed herbivore Hadrosaurus .
27. It is pointed out that the coal-bearing formation in transgressing sequences is favorable environment for hydrocarbon generation in Jurassic coal measure source rocks in Yanqi basin.
28. Herein described is the first discovery of large sized theropod dinosaur footprints from the Middle Jurassic deposits of Yima, Henan Province of China.
29. A very large herbivorous dinosaur of the genus Diplodocus that existed during the Jurassic period.
30. But it is clearly a small, vicious theropod similar to the velociraptors that chased the kids around the kitchen in Jurassic Park.
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