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Judder in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2017-08-12Updated:2017-08-12
Similar words: udderruddershuddershudderingrudderlessbuddedsuddenstuddedMeaning: ['dʒʌdə(r)] v. shake or vibrate rapidly and intensively. random good picture
(1) The train juddered to a halt.
(2) He slammed on the brakes and the car juddered to a halt.
(3) The car gave a sudden judder, then stopped dead.
(4) The car juddered and ground to a halt right in the middle of the road.
(5) The lift started off, juddered, and went out of action.
(6) The engine gave a sudden judder.
(7) The Axiam judders and shakes like a very early classic bike then slowly gains momentum rather than actually accelerating.
(8) The ship leaped and juddered as if trying to turn to inside out.
(9) The engine juddered to life.
(10) The elevator doors juddered open when we reached the fifth floor.
(11) The child stops, judders violently, fills his lungs with air, ready for more.
(12) We say it eliminates "some of the judder" because the judder comes from two sources.
(13) However, judder from a low sampling rate remains.
(14) The correlation between judder and rumble was analyzed. It was proposed that brake judder problem can be solved along with some other relative problems.
(15) A comprehensive study on brake judder, including phenomena, mechanism, influence factors, research methods and control measures was done in this paper.
(16) It is a more comprehensive solution to the judder problem than is 5:5 pulldown.
(17) This greatly reduces judder.
(18) Jackson took his Land Rover off the track and it juddered over 15 metres of grass.
(19) As she jumped from the final rung, the structure of the stonework around her seemed to judder.
(20) Something was obviously wrong with the car and eventually it just juddered to a halt.
(21) The oral tradition and culture of storytelling's marketplace influence it, as well as the judder of social thought of the the late Qing Dynasty.
(22) Moreover, increasing the stiffness and damping of lower control arm rear bushing and the steering column inertia can effectively reduce the shimmy caused by brake judder.
(23) For many people, one of the most memorable examples of judder is found in the movie Titanic .
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