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Isomorphism in a sentence

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Sentence count:39Posted:2018-05-15Updated:2018-05-15
Similar words: isomorphicisomorphousmesomorphichomeomorphismanthropomorphismhomomorphicgeomorphicbiomorphicMeaning: n. (biology) similarity or identity of form or shape or structure. 
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(1) An automorphism of a map is an isomorphism from the map to itself.
(2) Among them the widespread phenomenon of isomorphism - phase replacement, thus forming a series isomorphous mixed crystals.
(3) Although Subgraph Isomorphism problem is known to be NP-complete, our solution is very fast in practice for real circuits.
(4) The integrity, force tendentious and heterogeneous isomorphism makes the nervous system of appreciator produced the same structure mode as painting works, can be found in different painting art works.
(5) Navajoite is as isomorphism hosting in the lattice of hydromica which is the major hosting ore for navajoite.
(6) The problem of isomorphisms of attributed relational graph is treated by annealing simulation. An annealing isomorphism algorithm ALISOM is presented.
(7) The article analyses the cause of industrial isomorphism based on H - O and industrial cluster theory.
(8) Up to isomorphism, there is just one complete graph on vertices.
(9) Isomorphism, in brief , means two graphs possess identical topological structures.
(10) Applying permutation matrix, the association and the system isomorphism between contractual relationship modeling in theory and its operation in practice were verified.
(11) Solving Lattice Point Problems by Propositional Reasoning with Isomorphism Cutting Strategy. National Taiwan University, Taipei , Taiwan.
(12) Then the isomorphism judgment criterion based on the circuit analysis is obtained by applying the circuit laws and the method of branch current to the circuit models.
(13) A new isomorphism testing algorithm for graphs is presented, which consists of incidence degree sequence method and improved golden section incidence degree sequence method.
(14) A generalization of the problem, the subgraph isomorphism problem, is known to be NP - complete.
(15) The algorithm transforms the subgraph isomorphism problem into a matching problem between vertexes through the introduction of similarity features for every vertex.
(16) On the Isomorphism of Ba Jin's " Family Story " and " Group Story "
(17) In this paper(, we mainly extend the lattice isomorphism theorem in module theory to the sets.
(18) This, in general terms, is what is meant by isomorphism in information theory.
(19) This paper has firstly defined the factor struture M/P(M) of commutatiuely residual monoid M by its sub-monoid P(M), then we have studied its properties and given out some isomorphism theorem.
(20) In this note, we establish a mild condition on A such that every Jordan automorphism of A is either an isomorphism or an anti-isomorphism.
(21) To show that two graphs are isomorphic one must indicate an isomorphism between them.
(22) A novel method, the circuit simulation algorithm, is proposed here, which transfers the graph isomorphism problem into the identical circuits problem.
(23) For the subclasses MAX and MARG of minimal unsatisfiable formulas, we show that the variable and literal renaming problems are equivalent to the graph isomorphism problem GI.
(24) The path layer matrix is closely related to graph isomorphism.
(25) As a further step , the distance summation sequence method was proposed for isomorphism identification of kinemat.
(26) Distance - iconic motivation can be used to explain the isomorphism relation between the linguistic structure and the conceptual structure of the prototype construction.
(27) In this paper , the author gives an algorithm for testing isomorphism of finite Abelian groups.
(28) Only by taking an iterative approach where each iteration combines top-down and bottom-up design is an organization likely to achieve Process Isomorphism.
(29) Taoism believes that man and nature is an organic whole mutual inductance isomorphism.
(30) Au and Ag in ore occur mainly in more than 11 Au Ag minerals; a few in lattice of chalcopyrite, bornite, chalcocite, pyrite and galena in isomorphism.
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