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Isomerization in a sentence

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Sentence count:63Posted:2018-07-09Updated:2018-07-09
Similar words: polymerizationdepolymerizationpauperizationpulverizationcauterizationcatheterizationcomputerizationcontainerizationMeaning: n. the conversion of a compound into an isomer of itself. 
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1. Isomerization of safrole can afforded isosafrole - the intermediate of the effective antihypertensive agent - methyldopa.
2. The Cis-Trans photoisomerization and thermal isomerization of azobenzene group was main reason that caused the dipole orientational relaxation.
3. This paper describes the isomerization of 2, 3 - epoxy pinane to α - campholenic aldehyde by catalyzing with Lewis acids.
4. The model was then applied to an industrial isomerization unit for on-line estimation of the para-xylene (PX) concentration.
5. Isomerization unit data connectivity components for the main database for retrieval and XML data generation.
6. An isomerization of light paraffin is promoted by the interaction between palladium and Bronsted acid site on external surface of mordenite.
7. Isomerization occur during bromine reaction, that is mean secondary allylic configuration changes into primary allylic configuration.
8. In the isomerization of vinyl norbornene, the conversion of VNB and selectivity of ENB are both almost 100%.
9. Process for preparing rich tran-chysanthemic acid (I) by isomerization and saponification of ethyl chrysanthemate has been studied.
10. The sterane isomerization maturity parameter and alkylphenanthrene index indicate that the maturity of oil sand is low.
11. Olefins including cinnamate derivatives can perform cis-tran isomerization through directly irradiation or photosensitized by triplet-state photosensitizer.
12. In addition, the reaction mechanism of bond isomerization of butene catalyzed by HF has been investigated.
12. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
13. It features better isomerization activity, selectivity and stability. It is suitable to prepare para-resultant of C8, C9 and C10 arene.
14. Fall congeal degrees on mixture of KH150BS bodying oil with different base oil of different nature such as high viscosity index base oil, isomerization unit based oil lost and so on were studied.
15. The author has put forward a new type of invented time scale for extending this method to reversible complex networks, e. g. the reaction of xylene isomerization over HZSM-5 zeolite catalyst.
16. In femtochemistry, we describe the application of femtosecond lasers to studies of chemical reaction processes, isomerization, breaking and forming of the bond, and the dynamics of transition states.
17. The influence of the calcination temperature on the catalytic activity of o - xylene isomerization was investig.
18. The paper presents the preparation of non-noble metal catalyst for Light paraffine isomerization at low temperature.
19. It is well known that azo molecules can undergo trans-cis-trans isomerization cycles under the irradiation at the wavelength lying in the absorption region.
20. Chinese turpentine, which contains more than 90% pinene, could be used for preparation of camphene by direct isomerization.
21. It has shown that less 1, 2-unit content corresponds to lower potential barrier of internal rotation and hence to lower energy of rotational isomerization.
22. The products of long carbon chain alkaries in the distillate oil obtained in petroleum refining may be conversed into isoalkanes in the isomerization.
23. They are shown to be consistent with the Hula twist mechanism of isomerization.
24. The results indicated that the strong acid sites of MCM-22 zeolite benefit the aromatization reaction in opposite to the isomerization process.
25. Thermodynamic analysis on the n C 5 , n C 6 paraffin isomerization reaction was worked out in detail.
26. The influence of the calcination temperature on the catalytic activity of zeolitefor the reaction of o-xylene isomerization was investig.
27. The relationship between acid amount of the catalysts and activity of the isomerization of 1 - betene was linear.
28. The catalytic activity and selectivity of the catalysts for n-pentane isomerization at ambient temperature were investigated.
29. The main source of benzene in the presence of a catalyst oxidation to form maleic acid, and then derived by isomerization.
30. Several zeolite catalysts were selected to convert 1 hexene to 2,3 dimethyl 2 butene (DMB 2) in this work. ZSM 35 and SAPO 11 zeolite are suitable skeletal isomerization catalysts.
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