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Iron deficiency anemia in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2017-10-12Updated:2017-10-12
Similar words: deficiencydeficiency diseasehuman immunodeficiency virusdeficientefficiencysufficiencyproficiencyinefficiencyMeaning: n. a form of anemia due to lack of iron in the diet or to iron loss as a result of chronic bleeding. random good picture
1. Iron deficiency anemia, as evidenced by a high prevalence of low hemoglobin levels, was a widespread problem.
2. In iron deficiency anemia complicated by other disorders which either increase serum iron or decrease the.
3. As a result, iron deficiency anemia may leave you tired, weak and pale.
4. Objective : To investigate the etiology of iron deficiency anemia ( IDA ) with non - iron -- taking - deficiency adults.
5. Objective : To explore the relation between Iron deficiency anemia and microelements children.
6. Thus,( deficiency anemia.html) iron deficiency anemia is common.
7. Iron deficiency anemia, scurvy, beriberi, and pellagra are examples of injury caused by deficits in specific vitamins or minerals.
8. Ascaris lumbricoides and iron deficiency anemia.
9. Children suffering from iron deficiency anemia have any symptoms of it?
10. Iron deficiency anemia ( IDA ) is one of the nutritional diseases that exits universally in our country.
11. Objective To study the relationship between iron deficiency anemia and oral candidiasis albicans,[] and the role of chalybeate in treating oral candidiasis albicans.
12. Iron deficiency anemia ( IDA ) is the most common anemia, seriously impact on human health.
13. Iron deficiency anemia is the most common type of anemia, and the most common cause of microcytic anaemia.
14. Iron deficiency anemia ( IDA ) and blood disease with ID were diagnosed according to relative standards.
15. Why are children so susceptible to iron deficiency anemia?
16. Conclusion: There are close relation between iron deficiency anemia and microelements children.
17. The pregnancy of women, the physical needs of the relatively high folic acid, iron deficiency anemia, megaloblastic prone.
18. Conclusion: These conclusion suggested lipid peroxidation may be induced by iron deficiency anemia.
19. Here is data from a CBC in a person with iron deficiency anemia.
20. Objective To study the clinical diagnosis values of new reticulocyte indices for iron deficiency anemia.
21. Method hemogram and bone marrow cytomorphology of 120 patients with iron deficiency anemia which is consistent with case internalized standard are detected.
22. Objective: To explore the changes of erythrocytic immune function in patients with iron deficiency anemia (IDA) or megaloblastic anemia (MA) and its clinical significance.
23. Objective To discuss the clinical value of reticulocyte hemoglobin content in children's iron deficiency anemia.
24. Objective To study the clinical diagnosis values of new reticulocyte indices for iron deficiency anemia(IDA).
25. To search for the value of zinc protoporphyrin measurement in early diagnosis with lead poisoning and iron deficiency anemia.
26. The medicine can also be used for the treatment of the hyperphospheremia of the chronic renal failure patient and used as the preventive agent of the iron deficiency anemia.
27. Objective To evaluate the therapeutic efficacy and security of Iron chlorophyllin sodium in iron deficiency anemia.
28. Free erythrocyte Protoporphyrin(FEP)were determined in 116 thalassemia patients, 37 iron deficiency anemia patients and 45 normal subjects.
29. Objective To investigate the therapeutic effect of Xuekang syrup in treating iron deficiency anemia in children.
30. Conclusion The simple and quick blood test, in particular, MCV, RDW of iron deficiency anemia and thalassemia clinical identification, have some diagnostic value, should be applied.
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