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Introversion in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2017-05-12Updated:2017-05-12
Antonym: extroversionSimilar words: retroversioncontroversialuncontroversialintrovertcontroversyversioneversionaversionMeaning: n. 1. the condition of being folded inward or sheathed 2. the folding in of an outer layer so as to form a pocket in the surface 3. (psychology) an introverted disposition; concern with one's own thoughts and feelings. random good picture
1. An individual's degree of extroversion or introversion is inherited, determined by his or her genetic make-up.
2. I am an introversion but optimistic girl. Wish to make friends with you.
3. The oft - drawn contrast extroversion and introversion is entirely superficial.
4. The Eysenck Personality Questionnaire included pathology personality, introversion and extroversion, emotion stability, and validity, 4 sub - scales.
5. Stone inflammation introversion, stubborn, Chen Fei just is opposite.
6. Autonomic nerve is disorder, see the person at introversion disposition commonly; Eat oaten have a look have the effect.
7. I am XXX, I am a disposition introversion person, I like studying very much.
8. Extroversion - Introversion ( E - I ) is the most important.
9. It is an introversion, quiet, a bIt'self - abased, the person with rich affection.
10. Abnormal introversion and egocentricity; acceptance of fantasy rather than reality.
11. A personality trait the qualities of both introversion and extroversion.
12. Antheral introversion or extroversion, slit or aperture leave.
13. Introversion , conservatism, tolerance, and forbearance are the basic traditional national nature of Chinese people.
14. CONCLUSION The personality of neuroticism , psychoticism and introversion were most likely to have unhealthy mental reaction.
15. Emotional instability, introversion, less rest time and tensive interpersonal relation are main factors for negative living.
16. A personality trait including the qualities of both introversion and extroversion.
16. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
17. The first criterion, Extraversion - Introversion defines the source and direction of energy expression for a person.
18. The contrast between extroversion and introversion is entirely superficial.
19. However, introversion certainly has its advantages.
20. Introversion is no more my character, make friends with optimistic and happy.
21. My character is to belong to introversion extroversion all fifty - fifty!
22. Some people claim that an individual's degree of extroversion or introversion is inherited.
23. The challenge is seen as identifying the optimum level of specialization before alleged dysfunctions of fragmentation and introversion emerge.
24. He considers mimesis as copy of reality and uncreative, maintains the introversion of the literature, and stands for the lyric of the inner world.
25. Your task is constabulary smile from road of car window introversion.
26. Applying disposition tropism check table, the specimen are divided into three kinds of disposition forms, sure as the partial introversion, middle, extroversion.
27. Dear Samurai: Sounds as if your wife is familiar with a personality test widely used in business called the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, which identifies introversion as a specific personality type.
28. Have to pusher water from bend an arm to arrive of make a long arm accelerate a process, the palm go up from introversion, from below up behavioral course delimits quickly to ham by.
29. Icelanders , by contrast, do not usually tip a measure of their introversion, no doubt.
30. The cognitive levels of mental problems manifested certain differences on gregariousness, excitation, permanence, independence, introversion and extroversion, cowardice and neatness and creativity.
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