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Introductory in a sentence

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Synonym: basicprefatorialprefatorySimilar words: introductionintroducereintroduceintroducingfactors of productionproductproductiveproductionMeaning: [‚ɪntrə'dʌktərɪ] adj. 1. serving to open or begin 2. serving as a base or starting point 3. serving as an introduction or preface. 
1. Forgetting the introductory remarks really mortified me.
2. His gentle introductory tone modulates into a football coach's pre-game pep talk.
3. This introductory offer is for three days only.
4. The meeting will have the usual format - introductory session, group work and then a time for reporting back.
5. The chairman made a few introductory remarks.
6. He addressed a few introductory remarks to the audience.
7. Your first order is delivered free as an introductory offer.
8. The chairman opened the ball with a few introductory remarks upon the items on the agenda.
9. I'd like to make some introductory remarks before beginning the lecture properly.
10. The dean made a few introductory remarks before the lecture.
11. I also attended a number of the introductory workshops to which potential recruits are invited.
12. They volunteer to teach introductory courses.
13. This book gives an introductory guide to the range of debate this has generated among social scientists.
14. Following the introductory chapter, the fundamentals of the law of contract are discussed and related to computer technology.
15. J S McBrier An excellent introductory section, imaginatively using sound and images.
16. Williams cleared his throat, made a few introductory remarks about the occasion.
17. Williams cleared his throat, made a few introductory remarks welcoming everyone, then began his speech.
18. An introductory note says that she used to read prayers very slowly with frequent pauses, which led almost instantaneously to prayer.
19. The Institute is offering an introductory rate through May 18.
20. These aspects are discussed further in this introductory section.
21. Don't miss our introductory offer!
22. After the very general introductory chapter 1, the second chapter gives a number of simple safety advices.
23. As an introductory offer the first 1,000 brochures to be sent will include a 10% discount voucher.
24. So in the rest of this introductory chapter I will give a rough outline of all that we did, and why.
25. I went on an introductory course with ParAvion in Wiltshire to find out if I liked paragliding any better.
26. The booklist at the end of the chapter contains some introductory reading on the subject.
27. The part of the programme which had received highest priority was the introductory course in information retrieval for the engineering undergraduates.
28. I started telling him some thoughts I had about the introductory Art History course we all taught.
29. Well first of all I must distance myself from the image that is presented by nearly all introductory textbooks of cultural anthropology.
30. The formal markers, low pitch close plus lengthy pause plus raised pitch introductory expression,[] are not present.
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