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Intraspecific in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2017-09-13Updated:2017-09-13
Similar words: specificnonspecificunspecificspecificallyspecificityspecific heatspecificationspecific energyMeaning: adj. arising or occurring within a species; involving the members of one species. random good picture
1. All the results suggested that intraspecific competition exerted great influence on the resource allocation inside plant bodies.
2. Inter and intraspecific conflict and competition, and cooperation, are part of nature in most species.
3. Low intraspecific genetic diversity was found in Gossypium hirsutum L. across countries and should be paid much more attention to.
4. The results of intraspecific and interspecific competition formed the different individual height of Taxus chinensis var. mairei population.
5. The results showed that intraspecific competition intensity of Picea jezoensis reduced with increase of diameter scale of trees.
6. Because intraspecific matings are far more common than interspecific matings in natural populations of plants, autopolyploids must arise at a much higher rate than allopolyploids .
7. The two authors concluded that these intraspecific differences can be greater than those among the calciphytes and oxylophytes.
8. The findings show that the intraspecific competition intensity in Shima superba decreases gradually with the increase in tree diameter.
9. The results indicated that intraspecific and interspecific difference were significant.
10. The results showed that the intraspecific competition intensity in C. concinna decreased gradually with increasing tree diameter.
11. Pairwise sequence divergences of all data sets indicated that the genetic divergences between the two phenotypes fall within intraspecific range.
12. There are as well as density-dependent biological factors such as disease, predation , and intraspecific competition.
13. The key interspecific interactions are competition, predation, parasitism and mutualism, whilst the main intraspecific interactions are competition, cannibalism and altruism.
14. Therefore, it is the main contents of research on Fusarium head blight (FHB) to dig out and locate new resistance gene. There is rich resistant germplasm in intraspecific and extraspecific of wheat.
15. The effects of UV-B on MDA and flavonoid contents also showed intraspecific difference. The MDA content of 5 cultivars was significant increased, while that of 2 cultivars was decreased.
16. A lot of research revealed that the insect adaptability to the environment lied in the intraspecific developed communication and the ability of seeking host.
17. Forbes said he was surprised that it hadn't been tested before on an organism with intraspecific mimicry.
18. There was high degree of individual spatial relatedness, sharp intraspecific competition and powerfully occupy space.
19. There are as well as density - dependent biological factors such as disease, predation, and intraspecific conpetition.
20. The interspecific genetic distances are much greater than the intraspecific distances except that between P. albina and P. nigra.
21. There existed obvious differences of EST isoenzyme between larva phase and adult phase and different isoenzyme zymogram in each intraspecific clade.
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22. There are multiplicity of stable states in herbage populations owing to the influences of intraspecific mutualism, feeding rate and density of herbivores.
23. The maximum net recruitment therefore occurs at an intermediate density, when intraspecific competition is relatively low yet there are many reproductive individuals in the population.
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