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Intranasal in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2017-08-11Updated:2017-08-11
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1) Based on these data, intranasal phenobarbital administration seems to render a suitable alternate delivery route for this antiepileptic drug, which should be further evaluated.
2) Intranasal corticosteroids ( INSs ) effectively reduce the nasal inflammation that is a root cause of allergic rhinitis.
3) All intranasal formulations of desmopressin are now contraindicated for the treatment of PNE.
4) All patients using intranasal formulations of desmopressin for treatment of PNE should be reassessed to determine their need for continued treatment and to discuss other options.
5) Objective:To explore the feasibility of treating intranasal congenital meningoencephalocele under nasal endoscope.
6) Intranasal encephalomeningocele mass more of the nasal cavity top smooth surface are pink snuffle, not very obvious long history and progress slow more common in children and adolescents.
7) CONCLUSIONS atenolol gel can be used for intranasal administration.
8) Conclusion: Intranasal endoscopy operation may be an effective methos to cure chronic nasosinusitis and rhinopolypus.
9) Child nasal dry with paraffin oil, glycerin intranasal,[] or cotton dips in water purification wipe nasal group.
10) Objective To evaluate the effect of intranasal endoscopic surgery for nose - eye correlated diseases.
11) CONCLUSIONS The atenolol gel can be used for intranasal administration.
12) Try topical nasal steroid preparation or intranasal ipratropium bromide before bedtime.
13) Objective To summarize our experience in managing cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea ( SFR ) with intranasal endoscope.
14) Conclusion: Removal of maxillary sinus cyst by endoscopic sinus surgery in intranasal antrostomy is a convenient and effective operation.
15) The virus grows readily in ferrets and mice without adoption following intranasal exposure.
16) AIM To study the feasibility and possible action mechanism of the treatment of cerebrovascular disease with intranasal administration.
17) The morphological changes in nasal of guinea pig resulted by intranasal drop with Naristollae Scutellarin Compositus were observed under the light microscope.
18) The hemangioma can occur at any site of the body, but is rarely found in the intranasal region. Histologically, it is divided into 4 types, including capillary, cavernous, arteriovenous and racemose .
19) Objective: To evaluate the values of CT and MRI in diagnosing skull basal intranasal encephalomeningocele.
20) AIM : To screen a suitable dosage form for reducing cytotoxicity of intranasal preparations.
21) In its sequence, the distribution of most defect quadrant was supertemporal, supernasal, intranasal and infratemporal.
22) Method:27 cases with simple maxillary sinus cyst were treated by nasal endoscopy in intranasal antrostomy.
23) Objective To observe the clinical efficacy of dacryorhinostotomy remedy for chronic dacryocystitis under intranasal endoscope.
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