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Interstellar medium in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2018-11-06Updated:2018-11-06
Similar words: interstellarintermediaryintermediateintermediatorinterstitiumintermediationintermediate hostintermediate goodsMeaning: n. interstellar space including streams of protons moving from the stars. 
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1) The solar wind loses its identity in the interstellar medium at a distance no less than that of the outer planets.
2) Mixing with the interstellar medium, the dust could ultimately form rocky terrestrial planets like Earth.
3) Interstellar Medium: What astronomers call all that stuff between the stars.
4) Although studies of the interstellar medium do not depend on the precise choice of target star, the other scientific objectives clearly require that the target star has a planetary system.
5) All together the atoms ions and free electrons form the "interstellar medium" through which radio signals must pass.
6) And there's an excellent chance that, before I retire, the Faraday cup on Voyager will directly measure the plasma in the interstellar medium.
7) Simple laws of physics suggest, that gas-dust complexes in the interstellar medium may evolve , first into protostars and subsequently into stars.
8) The black mat also has turned up nanodiamonds, which are formed in the interstellar medium outside the solar system, by or by a high-explosive detonation.
9) A star is formed when a cloud gas collapses from the interstellar medium toward high density.
10) Fluorescing in ultraviolet light, the cast off material trails behind the giant star as it plows through the surrounding interstellar medium at 130 kilometers per second.
11) A star is formed when a cloud of gas collapses from the interstellar medium toward high density .
12) Pulssar signal will be scattered as it passes through the Interstellar medium, what is called dispersion.
13) Free radicals and molecular ions play an important role in the study of interstellar medium,( medium.html) chemical reaction dynamics and medicines.
14) This time-lag depends on the distance the signal has traveled through the interstellar medium: the longer the distance, the greater the time lag.
15) In the disk of our Milky Way Galaxy about 10 percent of visible matter is in the form of gas, called the interstellar medium (ISM).
16) The shock acts as a searchlight by revealing the structure of the interstellar medium.
17) I was in high school when Explorer 10 went up, and in my lifetime we have gone from being just above the atmosphere to reaching for the interstellar medium.
18) PAHS is a category of important compound. often is found in coal, petroleum asphaltenes, also is considered existing in interstellar medium.
19) Stars are born from a kind of primal soup known as the interstellar medium.
20) Students will complete courses in: celestial mechanics. cosmology. stellar physics. galactic evolution. quasars. stellar distribution and motion. and interstellar medium among possible others.
21) In a relatively short time (about 1000 years) the entire shells will be ejected into space, jo in ining the gas and dust in the interstellar medium .
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