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Interlacing in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2017-09-17Updated:2017-09-17
Similar words: interlaceinterlacedinterlayhinterlandinterlanguageinterglacialinterlinkinginterlockingMeaning: adj. linked or locked closely together as by dovetailing. random good picture
1. In her latest book, she interlaces historical events with her own childhood memories.
2. Her hair was interlaced with ribbons and flowers.
3. Your speech should not have been interlaced with these facts beside the point.
4. During my whole report, he sat with his eyes closed and his fingers interlaced.
5. The tree branches were interlaced with one another.
6. They interlaced their hands.
7. It was laid entirely with interlaced track.
8. On two sides the grid is flanked by large, rectangular panels of interlaced circles.
9. Plain hospital beds with flock mattresses laid on interlaced wire springs were for the junior members of the staff.
9. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
10. A hare squats amongst foliage, in a scene which is enclosed by a roundel supported by two conventionally interlaced guilloche squares.
11. The latter group includes mosaics which feature saltire designs or designs based on patterns of interlaced squares. 2.
12. The fields interlace on screen to create the illusion of full pictures.
13. To make ( cloth ) by interlacing the threads of the weft and the warp on a loom.
14. It is composed mainly of bundles of interlacing pink collagen.
15. Not only does some flickering persist, but interlacing also causes other artifacts.
16. One makes baskets by interlacing reeds or fibers.
17. To form by twisting intertwining, or interlacing.
18. Interlacing of sugar in the mouth and tongue, my mind is only pouring one word: sweet.
19. The delicate fiber - shaped structure recreates the interlacing shadows of the bamboo forest.
20. In general, fabrics made by the twill weave interlacing are strong and durable.
21. The interlacing branches on the picture look poetic.
22. Triaxial fabric is woven by interlacing three yarn ends at 60? ? angles.
23. Lace: Ornamental openwork fabric formed by the looping, interlacing, braiding, or twisting of threads, originally primarily of linen.
24. De- interlacing algorithms are used to convert interlaced video into progressive scanning format.
25. A simplified method of describing the generated matrix of interlaced code is demonstrated, which is very useful when the degree of interlacing becomes high enough.
26. I am busy with their own response to the tongue, and the mother tongue Interlacing together.
27. The flow capital and agriculture - stock raising production in interlacing agro - pastoral region exist a negative feedback.
28. Four groups of water - jets are woven into a cat's cradle of thirty - two interlacing streams.
29. A new result about the relation between the singular values of an arbitrary matrix and those of its submatrix, which is called generalized interlacing theorem, is presented.
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