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Interest rate in a sentence

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Sentence count:234+4 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-04-07Updated:2017-04-07
Synonym: rate of interestSimilar words: nominal interest rateextraterrestrialinterestinterestedinterestinguninterestedlose interestinterestinglyMeaning: n. the percentage of a sum of money charged for its use. 
1. The possibility of an interest rate cut is a major talking point in the City.
2. You can choose either a fixed or floating interest rate for the loan.
3. He urged further interest rate cuts in a bid to kick-start the economy.
4. Laws stipulate the maximum interest rate that banks can charge.
5. The interest rate on my credit card is currently 25.5% APR.
6. An interest rate reduction is needed to get more money flowing and create jobs.
7. An interest rate increase directly stimulates saving and reduces real expenditure.
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8. The interest rate has been fixed at 6.5%.
9. The higher the interest rate, the greater the financial risk - which, of course, cuts both ways.
10. The interest rate was raised for borrowers.
11. They've been told: take the lower interest rate, or lump it.
12. Variations in the interest rate will have an impact on the whole housing market.
13. The interest rate is in line with the forecast.
14. The higher interest rate would sponge up a large number of deposits.
15. Investment is a function of the interest rate.
16. Interest rate cuts were the spark the market needed.
17. The adjustment of the interest rate will moderate.
18. I got a loan with an interest rate of 10%.
19. It was this spending regime, combined with independent interest rate decisions, that gave Brown credibility.
20. He has ordered a crippling interest rate rise this week if the Pound comes under renewed pressure.
21. The central bank yesterday said current interest rate settings are consistent with the pace of growth and prospects for inflation.
22. No long interest rate future or option contract exists at present due to the lack of liquidity in the underlying cash bond market.
23. The bank has offered us a loan with a floating interest rate.
24. Farmers could see a quarter of their income swallowed up by the interest rate rise.
25. Our expectations are that the UK will cut its interest rate.
26. After the deduction of tax at 20 per cent, the interest rate will be 6.2 per cent.
27. The government insisted that it would not be panicked into interest rate cuts.
28. She argued that the only way to combat inflation effectively was to keep interest rate high.
29. The banks receive a government subsidy to cover the differential between market interest rates and the loan's fixed interest rate.
30. The process will be helped by recovery in profits and the interest rate cuts.
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