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Interest payable in a sentence

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1 The interest payable on a Car Loan is added to the capital amount you have borrowed.
2 The rate of interest payable to the banks to cover all outstanding loans would be 1 percentage point over market rates.
3 Only interest payable as of the balance sheet date appears as a liability in the borrower's balance sheet.
4 Two other commonly found liability accounts are interest payable and taxes payable,( most liability accounts end with the word payable.
5 Interest payable according to the preceding paragraph is added to the outstanding capital every 12 months.
6 To accrue bond interest payable for four months ended Dec .31.
7 Examples of accrued liabilities include interest payable, income taxes payable, and amounts related to payrolls.
8 The Sub-Committee also recommended that the net interest payable or receivable and revaluation gains or losses on interest rate swaps should be included in the Currency Board Account.
9 Note that the accrued liability for bond interest payable will be paid within a few months anD, therefore, is classified as a current liability .
10 The discount does not attract withholding tax under s349, whereas interest payable to the institutional holder usually would.
11 Thus, Solarwind Company's balance sheets normally will show accrued interest payable of only $ 5.
12 You need to multiply the interest rate with the number of years the loan is applicable to get the total interest payable.
13 Expense incurred but not yet paid, including accrued payroll, accrued rent payable, accrued interest payable , accrued VAT payable , accrued taxes payable -other and other accrued expense payable.
14 If this loan had called for the accrued interest to be paid on the last day of each month, SW's balance sheets would include no liability for accrued interest payable.
15 If the last repayment day of loan principal is not within interest payment day, the borrower shall pay up all the interest payable on the last repayment day of loan principal.
16 ADB shall add the amount of the Surcharge to the interest payable by the Borrower for the Interest Period commencing immediately after the Semester for which the Funding Cost Margin was calculated.
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