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Interest income in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2017-10-03Updated:2017-10-03
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(1) Net interest income fell 1. 8 % to $ 363. 7 million.
(2) That could quickly wipe out your entire annual interest income of $ 15 to $ 20.
(3) Higher production, higher oil prices and increased interest income all contributed to this improvement in performance.
(4) This also produces interest income in the form of swap premiums.
(5) It had net interest income of $ 3. 05 million in the 1994 period.
(6) Net interest income in the fourth quarter rose to $ 632. 1 million from $ 616. 6 million.
(7) Bank of China's net interest income -- the spread between interest earned and interest paid -- fell 10% to 36.84 billion yuan during the quarter, in spite of a growth in loans.
(8) ABC to become effective in non - interest income growth.
(9) The former materially raised depositor's interest income level, the latter is opposite.
(10) According to Rules, no tax is levied on interest income from T-Bond investment.
(11) At the same time, the savings deposit interest income waiver to levy personal income tax.
(12) Lowering the minimum lending rate would further compress interest income, which is the lifeline of every bank in China despite increasing efforts to diversify revenue streams.
(13) Long-term prepaid expenses account? I see. Is the interest income from bank deposits also accounted for in that account?
(14) This year's gains in interest income are coming at an important time.
(15) Request a copy of your Social Security and or pension earnings, and calculate any interest income.
(16) Group income is better measured by the inclusion of dividend and interest income.
(17) This translates into a gain of just 1% pre-tax because heavy capital expenditure swallowed up last time's £18m interest income.
(18) Oh[], you also achieved a significant increase in non - interest income.
(19) All in all accounts to reflect their overall corporate annuity fund balances and related interest income and expenditure activities.
(20) That hits ICBC where it hurts, given that net interest income accounts for the vast bulk of its operating income.
(21) State of Taxation said that of bank loans to be withholding tax on interest income loans.
(22) Large holdings of cash assets clearly decrease profits because of the opportunity loss of interest income.
(23) The data shows that the net interest margin enlarged and non - interest income grew significantly.
(24) In the article, the author suggests that we should cancel the financial expenses account, and adopt interest expense and interest income account according to inter.
(25) Now to obtain income from bank deposits, we must pay a certain proportional interest income tax.
(26) V: Oh, you also achieved a significant increase in non - interest income.
(27) However, this loss was dwarfed by the PBOC's net interest income.
(28) Should include a family all income. Include wage income, house property income, interest income, bequest income, income of stock extra dividend.
(29) Cash flow from the business such as deposit, loan, bond interest income, dividends income and interest expenditure of security should be reclassified.
(30) On the other hand will reduce bank spreads, reducing net interest income.
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