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Interest group in a sentence

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Similar words: special interest groupinterestinterestedinterestinguninterestedlose interestinterestinglydisinterestedMeaning: n. (usually plural) a social group whose members control some field of activity and who have common aims. 
1. Obviously, an organization benefits greatly when its interest group persuades the government to allow it to regulate itself.
2. Recruiting the practices through a special interest group and through self selection is likely to have biased results.
3. More recently, however, party and interest group practice has been seen as at odds with liberal-democratic theory.
4. The bipartisan Concord Coalition, a Washington-based interest group on budget balancing issues[], has run newspaper ads against the Dole plan.
5. The advantaged will become an interest group, perhaps a social class or status group.
6. Every example of interest group action in this chapter has focused upon a group operating in a democratic political system.
7. A special interest group for researchers in post-compulsory education and lifelong learning recently had its first meeting.
8. Auditors should be responsible to a wider interest group than the shareholders.
9. What defines an anomie interest group is a group political action that emerges with little or no planning and then quickly stops.
10. The system of interest group pressure ensuring state responsiveness to its publics thus appears to be flawed.
11. Adjust interest group contradiction has initiative adjustment to adjust with consciousness two kinds of means.
12. Yet, US politician and special interest group blame Made in China for the employment lose.
13. No interest group is permitted to enter the House of Representatives or the Senate and vote.
14. The interest group doesn't directly participate in the decision, but it exerts influence on the policy makers through lobbyism .
15. Successful promotion of a scare requires that some interest group benefits.
16. So local governments and enterprises become an interest group.
17. Interest group is the main factor in politics.
18. The W 3 C XML Special Interest Group had representatives from more than 100 companies and invited experts.
19. They multiply this benefit by the likelihood that their personal contribution to the interest group will determine its success or continued existence.
20. Perhaps you can offer to give talks, show slides, put on an exhibition, start a local interest group.
21. Some people have criticized the scheme, saying it allows special interest group to push their causes up the parliamentary agenda and wastes MPs time debating subjects that won't pass into law.
22. Assets estimated includes the motive and pressure mechanism These mechanisms originate from the economic relations of the owner of property and the other interest group.
23. Based on the situation of international socialist movement and national socialist construction, it is possible to form vested interest group inside socialist party in power.
24. We cannot sustain a system that bleeds billions of taxpayer dollars on programmes that have outlived their usefulness, or exist solely because of the power of a politician, lobbyist or interest group.
25. Birds of a Feather. A group of people with similar interests. If interest in a subject is strong enough, a BOF may develop into a SIG (Special Interest Group).
26. Politicians stand up and talk about their (exclusive) religion, or pit one special interest group against another.
27. This is expected, and duplicate entries are ignored after a special interest group has been assigned to a customer.
28. The next generation of Bluetooth is almost ready, as the Bluetooth Special Interest Group said it would unveil the full details of Bluetooth 3.0 on April 21.
29. United States tobacco farmers represent a small but powerful special interest group.
30. The protocol specification of Bluetooth communication designed by Special Interest Group is a kind of global uniformed technical standard.
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