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Interconnection in a sentence

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Sentence count:175Posted:2017-07-24Updated:2017-07-24
Similar words: interconnectinterconnectedconnectiondisconnectionconnectingconnectivityconnecting flightintersectionMeaning: n. 1. a state of being connected reciprocally 2. (computer science) the act of interconnecting (wires or computers or theories etc.). random good picture
1. This stores the interconnection weights between arrays of discrete emitters and detectors.
2. How the interconnection weights are changed is the function of the learning algorithm.
3. Reich tended to ignore the interconnection, but it was an important one for Freud's sociology.
4. The homiletic nod toward the interconnection of general education and research is commonplace.
5. There is also a much closer interconnection than in Britain between political elites and administrative elites within the state.
6. The proposed satellite interconnection system that I was fighting so hard to stop suddenly looked terribly appealing.
7. The methods of 3D interconnection can be classified into the wire bonding, flip chip, through silicon via(TSV) and film wire technology, whose advantages and disadvantages are analyzed.
8. An interconnection between two A . C . systems operating at independent frequencies.
9. Interconnection and Interworking is realized among editing system, DIV playout system and MAMS.
10. This paper describe tasks allocation in Multistage Interconnection Network(MIN). Internal conflicts and External partition are the main bottlenecks in MIN.
11. Network interconnection shall conform to the principles of transparency, reasonableness and non - discrimination.
11. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
12. Interconnection switch and loop network feeder switch are analyzed.
13. A two - layer parallel optical interconnection network with rotary joint function was designed.
14. The notion of string stability countably infinite interconnection of a class of nonlinear system was introduced.
15. Gradually, though, hierarchy is giving way to more horizontal structures with complex yet flexible webs of interconnection.
16. Transparency is essential for dealing with higher-level issues than physical media and interconnection that the underlying network infrastructure is in charge of.
17. So an elderly hulk was stationed in the Min river estuary as an interconnection at once secure and free from prying.
18. It will include hierarchical cell and audit trail services and provide provisional Open Systems Interconnection specifications.
19. Resistors were used for both the nodes and the interconnection synapses.
20. In addition, TeleWest says that it is in negotiation with other cable franchise holders on possible interconnection of their networks.
21. They can be used to obtain information on network topology, policy, and interconnection information in order to construct routing tables.
22. In any case the inclusion of conditions tightens the interconnection between rights and obligations.
23. One of the key design issues of multicomputer systems is the interconnection networks.
24. This paper discuss the design of the nice interface controller from interconnection strategy selection, interface protocol establishment and memory timing parameters.
25. Double loop networks are applicable in the design of interconnection networks for parallel processing and of local area communication networks.
26. Then, the paper states the core theory of networking essence, the Reference Model of Open System Interconnection published by ISO/OSI.
27. This paper presents a serial communication protocol structure based on open system interconnection reference model. The function and realization method of every layer is discussed.
28. Ultrasonic wedge bonding is one of the most important interconnection techniques for IC dies inner circuits with the outer world for the power and signal transportation.
29. In data communications a layer in the ISO Open Systems Interconnection model.
30. A parallel algorithm for matrix multiplication based on optical transpose interconnection system(OTIS) network is proposed, and the time complexity is analyzed.
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