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Interconnecting in a sentence

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Sentence count:46Posted:2018-06-21Updated:2018-06-21
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(1) Our operating system can now interconnect with other networks.
(2) It's strange how people's lives interconnect.
(3) Bad housing is interconnected with debt and poverty.
(4) The causes are many and may interconnect.
(5) Bad housing, debt and poverty are interconnected.
(6) In Freud's theory, the two areas of sexuality and violence are interconnected.
(7) Their lives interconnect with those of celebrated figures of the late eighteenth-century.
(8) I see these two theories as somehow interconnected.
(9) The sub-plots are only tenuously interconnected.
(10) The problems of poverty, homelessness and unemployment are all interconnected.
(11) The two things are closely interconnected.
(12) Both are a pattern that emerges from a jumble of interconnected parts.
(13) Countries splinter, regional trading blocs grow, the global economy becomes ever more interconnected.
(14) This method imposes least strain on the interconnecting wires.
(15) The new products are part of a major SunConnect initiative to address the growing demand for tightly interconnected LANs and WANs.
(16) Four questions for corporate finance One man's efficient, interconnected global market is another man's arbitrary and nationally divisive casino.
(17) It fills all the interconnected voids, and the volume of water depends on the porosity and permeability of the rock.
(18) Each species was loosely interconnected to the others in a kind of vast distributed network.
(19) The hotel consists of three inter-connecting buildings set against the cliff side.
(20) Software optimised to run on the system includes a database request manager, data manager and Delta, a high-speed interconnect system.
(21) This involves developing critical expertise in scalable computing areas such as components, interconnects, computing architectures, and systems software.
(22) Eliminate all possible interconnecting piping between silane systems and oxidizers.
(23) The key of resource sharing depends on internetworking, interconnecting and interoperation.
(24) Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components performance standard - Continuously variable attenuators for category U.
(25) Pertaining to a line or circuit interconnecting several stations.
(26) A new architecture for interconnecting legacy LANs and ATM WANs is proposed in this paper, namely the DQDBATM MAN approach, which borrows the flow control scheme from DQDB MAN.
(27) The peripherals modules, for disk and tape expansion, can be integrated together by interconnecting external SCSI and power cables.
(28) A conduit (18) for an air duster is branched from an intermediate part of an air conduit (17) interconnecting an air supply source (16), which supplies compressed air, and an air tool.
(29) Connector blocks and wiring units constituting most or all of the interconnecting circuits of a system.
(30) The goal is to create an environment for this profession with characteristics of the coulisse , layering of scenes and interconnecting various stage settings to take part in the 'real world'.
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