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Interconnected in a sentence

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Similar words: interconnectinterconnectionconnecteddisconnectedbe connected withconnectintercontinentalconnectionMeaning: adj. 1. reciprocally connected 2. operating as a unit. random good picture
1. Bad housing is interconnected with debt and poverty.
2. Bad housing, debt and poverty are interconnected.
3. I see these two theories as somehow interconnected.
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4. The sub-plots are only tenuously interconnected.
5. The two things are closely interconnected.
6. Far more voltage crackled out of a million interconnected Apple IIs than within the most coddled million-dollar supercomputer standing alone.
7. The foolproof fuel system has interconnected front and rear fuselage flexible tanks holding 255 and 475 litres.
8. Four questions for corporate finance One man's efficient, interconnected global market is another man's arbitrary and nationally divisive casino.
9. Our judgements depend upon complicated interconnected combinations of sense-data, reasoning, and guesswork.
10. It fills all the interconnected voids, and the volume of water depends on the porosity and permeability of the rock.
11. Each species was loosely interconnected to the others in a kind of vast distributed network.
12. Because this new pond is interconnected with the main one, adding the water was like doing a major water change.
13. These provide an intricate pattern of interconnected and convoluted water bodies which have considerable ecological interest and value.
14. An MHS comprises a variety of interconnected functional entities.
15. A new type of retaining wall constructed with interconnected H-type concrete block is proposed and the structure composition of such a wall type introduced as well.
16. The brain contains a network of interconnected nerve cells called neurons.
17. In Freud's theory, the two areas of sexuality and violence are interconnected.
18. The problems of poverty, homelessness and unemployment are all interconnected.
19. Both are a pattern that emerges from a jumble of interconnected parts.
20. Countries splinter, regional trading blocs grow, the global economy becomes ever more interconnected.
21. Taken over time, this series of systematic changes in the interconnected network of market decisions constitutes the market process.
22. In the first class of model, the rhythm is generated by a network of interconnected neurones.
23. Across boundaries of North and South, Methodists were supposed to be united and interconnected through their Discipline.
24. The new products are part of a major SunConnect initiative to address the growing demand for tightly interconnected LANs and WANs.
25. MANs are usually segregated hierarchically into smaller LANs that are interconnected using devices called bridges.
26. For certain memorable periods, such as the two world wars, several interconnected vignettes form a longer sequence.
27. We can now see how pricing and investment decisions are interconnected.
28. A major hindrance is that cable systems tend to be proprietary and not well interconnected.
29. Water may enter the soil or bedrock simply through percolation through interconnected voids between particles under the force of gravity.
30. The MDA approach builds on earlier system specification standards work, and it provides a comprehensive interoperability framework for defining interconnected systems.
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