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Interactive system in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2018-02-13Updated:2018-05-25
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1. The people most likely to use interactive systems may be the same ones most attracted to computers.
2. Tentative proposals for research towards highly interactive systems which adapt themselves to individual users and uses were put forward in 1984.
3. An interactive system enables users to interrogate the database and to supply information, as well as drawing from it.
4. According to security interactive system decision-making process, an interactive system between intrusion system and firewall, which called IFS, is designed in this paper.
5. Qube is an interactive system based in Colombus Ohio ( US ).
6. The software architecture problem for an interactive system is a hard problem.
7. A typical user of the interactive system under discussion.
8. The design method of real-time interactive system realizing equipment maintenance and tools using by data gloves is also discussed.
9. The components of the interactive system distribute under the heterogeneous network environment, they use the CORBA event service to communicate among them.
10. With the man-machine interactive system, specialized knowledge and data stored in computer the quality, efficiency and economy of mould making can be assured.
11. To solve the problem above, a new man-machine interactive system that can realize the operator's free walking is put forward and the system architecture and key techniques involved are explored.
12. A human-machine interactive system was designed based on ARM MCU and CPLD, in which MCU was used for sampling, key pressing and data transmission, CPLD was used for managing LEDs and nixie tube.
13. Why is user experience attributed to only interactive system designers ?
14. Virtual Reality(VR) is a new human-computer interactive system. It is a developmental direction of modern mechanical design.
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15. The stronger argument is a functional one, that brains do not respond to damage like typical interactive systems.
16. However, in contrast to teletext, the viewdata system is available only to subscribers and is an interactive system.
17. Human-Machine Interfaces Natural language is the most convenient method for communicating with interactive systems.
18. The box is largely a slave to the central computers of the interactive system.
19. Now imagine the paralysis that would be induced if constituencies could be polled instantly by an all-but-universal interactive system.
20. A formal evaluation of our system is not easy because this is an interactive system.
21. In 1988, PHILIPS initiated the CD-I form, to be used in its private multimedia interactive system.
22. Interactive behavior analysis is to represent and analyze the inactive behaviors in the human-computer interactive system.
23. These are problems that many of us can't or don't want to engage with, but games can change that because, by definition, any successful interactive system will make people want to engage.
24. Similarly, system administrators often like to keep a step-by-step record of interactive system or server configuration and initialization.
25. Introduced in this paper are the concepts and application of noninteractive literature-based discovery and the function and procedure of a man-computer interactive system named as ARROWSMITH.
26. These are the core of the control system in driving simulator and data transfer in distributing interactive system, and an important component of virtual traffic scenes.
27. A data driven method is put forward in the paper to replace the conventional man-machine interactive system in the treatment of modeling and to generate NC code automatically.
28. Dr Barrett argues that the aggregate heat demand of 20m households would be fairly predictable, but concedes that a modern interactive system would be better.
29. The reward centers that are lit up by well-designed games will light up when we engage with any well-designed interactive system.
30. According to Ulrich Kranz, the company's resident futurologist, cars are "a huge interactive system" that BMW manages.
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