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Insuperable in a sentence

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Sentence count:28+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-29Updated:2017-03-29
Synonym: insurmountableunconquerableSimilar words: insufferablevenerabletolerablemiserableinseparablepreferablevulnerableinnumerableMeaning: [ɪn'sjuːpərəbl] adj. 1. impossible to surmount 2. incapable of being surmounted or excelled. random good picture
(1) There were insuperable obstacles , and the plan was abandoned.
(2) The difficulties that confront us seem insuperable.
(3) As usual, the hero was facing insuperable odds .
(4) If a child presents insuperable problems courts will interpret legislation in a commonsense way.
(5) Of course this itself poses almost insuperable problems and would certainly be unprecedented if achieved.
(6) The problem is largely an insuperable one, and all we can do at this stage is to bear it in mind.
(7) The legal barriers are presently insuperable.
(8) But not, I think, an insuperable one.
(9) Yet the problems are clearly not insuperable: witness the blaze of creativity in Britain's financial services.
(10) Moreover there has been an insuperable gap between cognitive factors of ancient and modern world.
(11) But none of this is insuperable.
(12) They constituted a near - insuperable obstacle to the besieging infantry.
(13) TYPICAL USE : The deep river was an insuperable barrier to those who could not swim.
(14) The deep river was an insuperable barrier to those who could not swim.
(15) The great error in Rip's composition was an insuperable aversion to all kinds of profitable labor.
(16) It'should not, however[], pose an insuperable barrier to environmental standing.
(17) In the face of insuperable difficulties, we maintain our courage and will to resist.
(18) Third, they are confronted with insuperable contradictions at home and abroad.
(19) The great error in Rip's composition was insuperable aversion to all kinds of profitable labor.
(20) That , and his age, insuperable handicaps.
(21) Building such interceptors would not be an insuperable task ; in the 1960 s the U.
(22) Natural disasters are the most insuperable obstacles that mankind faces.
(23) But is the problem insuperable?
(24) But in general the world religions kept to themselves, separated by linguistic, cultural and geographical barriers that seemed insuperable.
(25) A degree of statutory definition has been enacted in the past, without any noticeable subsequent insuperable or oppressive difficulties.
(26) Irresistible force: mean objective conditions that are unpredictable, unavoidable or insuperable.
(27) Public finances are still weak but they are no longer an insuperable constraint on this rating.
(28) I grant that the difficulty is great, but it is by no means insuperable.
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