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Insufficient in a sentence

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Sentence count:223+13 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-01Updated:2017-03-01
Synonym: deficientinadequateunsatisfactoryAntonym: sufficientSimilar words: sufficientsufficientlysufficiencyefficientefficiencyinefficiencysufficeinsufferableMeaning: [‚ɪnsə'fɪʃnt] adj. of a quantity not able to fulfill a need or requirement. random good picture
1 His children were dwarfed by insufficient food.
2 He decided there was insufficient evidence to justify criminal proceedings.
3 The food was both bad and insufficient.
4 The unit has insufficient armament with which to do battle.
5 His salary is insufficient to meet his needs.
6 Insufficient resources have been devoted to the health service.
7 Facilities for people with disabilities are still insufficient.
8 The food and drinks were insufficient for the needs of twenty lads.
9 He was reprimanded for insufficient control.
10 In diabetes the body produces insufficient insulin.
11 At the moment, there's insufficient evidence to arrest anyone.
12 His injuries have returned as there was insufficient recovery time between matches.
13 They gave insufficient help in this project.
14 The case was dismissed because of insufficient evidence.
15 He was tired because he had had insufficient sleep.
16 The resources available are quite insufficient for the task.
17 There was insufficient evidence to convict him.
18 Our school has been reprieved from insufficient financial resources.
19 Police dropped the charges against him because of insufficient evidence.
20 We have insufficient funds to pay for the building work.
21 He was acquitted on the grounds of insufficient evidence.
22 His salary was insufficient for their needs.
23 Her daughter was dwarfed by insufficient food.
24 The management paid insufficient attention to working conditions.
25 The heating is insufficient to kill the bacteria.
26 Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises. 
27 Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions form insufficient premises.
28 The case was thrown out of court because of insufficient evidence.
29 There are fears that the existing flood barrier may prove insufficient.
30 The police have decided not to prefer charges against them because of insufficient evidence.
More similar words: sufficientsufficientlysufficiencyefficientefficiencyinefficiencysufficeinsufferableproficiencyscientificunscientificscientific methodsuffixofficialex officioofficiallyofficiousunofficialscience fictionancientprescientscientistinsurgentprescientlyconscientioussuffusesuffersuffragesufferingsuffocate
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