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Insensible in a sentence

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Synonym: numbunawareunconsciousunfeelingunknowingAntonym: sensibleSimilar words: ostensiblecomprehensiblereprehensibleostensiblysensibilityresponsiblebe responsible forsenseMeaning: [ɪn'sensəbl] adj. 1. incapable of physical sensation 2. unaware of or indifferent to 3. barely able to be perceived 4. unresponsive to stimulation. 
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1. We are not insensible of your kindness.
2. She remained insensible of the dangers that lay ahead.
3. He fell to the ground, insensible.
4. They were not insensible of the risks.
5. I think he's largely insensible to other people's distress.
6. I'm not insensible how much I owe to your help.
7. On these occasions, it was said, he was insensible to both fatigue and heat.
8. Doug seemed insensible to the cold.
9. He drank himself insensible.
10. If the patient seems insensible to trouble on the track, be sure that he has a feeling shut-off.
11. For many days, Oliver remained insensible to all the goodness of his new friends.
12. By insensible gradations the last of the alchemists became the first of the experimental philosophers.
13. In the most insensible or childish minds, there is some train of reflection.
14. Elinor was very angry, but Marianne seemed entirely insensible of the sting, for she calmly replied.
15. The room grew cold by insensible degrees.
16. She shouldn't restrain her anger at this insensible attitude of theirs.
17. It was impossible for her to be insensible of Mr. Crawford's change of manners.
18. He was not insensible to her rosy symmetry.
19. Those cold - blooded pedants are not insensible.
20. George was a serious man and insensible to such enticements.
21. My heart should have been so insensible.
22. It was absence of mind that made him insensible to all that was passing around him.
23. Finding her insensible to this impressive adjuration also, Captain Cuttle snatched from his breakfast-table a basin of cold water, and sprinkled some upon her face.
24. When your hands are frozen, they become insensible.
25. We found her lying on the floor,( drunk and insensible.
26. Mitchell was furious and unable to shake the conviction that he was being victimized by insensible directives from abroad.
27. Countless people have died horridness unthinkable death to fit Japan's insensible appetitive ambition.
28. Her quiet lucidity startled him, but did not mislead him into thinking her insensible.
29. Immediateness reaction is the remedy that should use thimbleful hind, produce convulsions, insensible, breath suddenly to the heartbeat stops suddenly and die.
30. Nature have hardly forme a woman ugly enough to be Insensible to flattery upon her person.
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