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Input-output in a sentence

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Sentence count:114Posted:2019-01-09Updated:2019-01-09
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(1) The system is written in C and has input-output extensions to the OS-9 and OS-9000 operating systems.
(2) Each input-output tile has a 5mA drive capability and is not dedicated to a particular input-output pad.
(3) Query performance is enhanced by support of query input-output parallelism.
(4) According as input-output analysis, it build up correlation mathematics model, and it analyse driving effectiveness of china automobile industry with correlative industry in ration.
(5) According to the input-output model developed based on the relative data of Beijing for 1989-2000, the contribution ratio of water resources to industrial production is 5.74%.
(6) Economic evaluation shows that the input-output ratio of nitrogen foam flooding is 1:5.
(7) The Basic Input-Output System, which affects the fact performance of the mother board, is a key component on it.
(8) Input-output analysis can be widely applied into economic forecasting and anatomy.
(9) Input-output table: A matrix which shows the way in which industries or sectors interact.
(10) Because the determination or each sub-system's input-output coefficient matrix is not needed[], the new model has very good practicality.
(11) INPUT-OUTPUT analysis has been widely used as an analytical tool since its development by W.
(12) The VAXstation 4000 model 90 doubles the performance of the VAXstation 4000-60 and offers TurboChannel input-output and three-dimensional graphics.
(13) It incorporates all the Solaris Workgroup technologies plus advanced system administration, commercial-grade input-output and enterprise-wide installation.
(14) For instance, it has eliminated the need for external resistors[], by using active pull-ups on inputs and input-output pins.
(15) It is suggested that the machines will be capable of input-output throughput of up to 1G-byte per second.
(16) It provides a set of user-accessible threads to accelerate input-output and concurrency, particularly for database applications.
(17) These have been applied in 9 wells, and the input-output ratio is 1 : 6, showing good economic benefit. This is a reference for fracturing in other similar gas field.
(18) Specifically, we will explore the topic of how to use dialog boxes as our input-output devices.
(19) Careful study of the data sheets and a programmable input-output port solve most A / D interfacing problems.
(20) The algorithm is quite simple, especially, on the certain condition, it can match all the input-output pairs in the training set to any given accuracy.
(21) The cost of aquiculture grass carp was the lowest, and its area of cultivation was larger, but the input-output ratio was lower.
(22) The adjustment of direct consumption coefficients is one of the key problems for input-output analysis.
(23) Respectively calculate different sizes and U-value of window's structure of different opening style to be an ideal basis for choosing the best input-output ratio.
(24) Based on the understanding of market economic environment, a system dynamic input-output model is set up to simulate the operation of economic system.
(25) Activity Based Costing(ABC)is an important concept in Management Accounting, and the same is true with input-output analysis in Statistics.
(26) This article analyses basic characteristics, correlated characteristics and mutual effects of Zhejiang province's real estate industry based on up-to-date input-output table.
(27) So this paper also put forward a calculation method to obtain consumption-based intermediate input data based on input-output table.
(28) Relevant theories include the theory of regional combination and regional coordination, the theory of bearing capacity input-output potential mode and balance sheet mode.
(29) At last, the paper discusses the appraisal method of leisure industrial cluster using complementary theory, dividing theory, and input-output analysis.
(30) In cases of conditions such as potassium, magnesium potassium sulfate fat and the effect of increasing the input-output efficiency are better than potassium sulfate and potassium chlorate.
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