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Initializing in a sentence

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1. When files are randomly organized using an algorithm, the device must first be initialized to remove all prior data.
2. Numeric core code and data structure initializing core code are generated for the the simulator in a high level programming language from the language of the symbolic language translator.
3. This may occur if the AP initializing or offline.
4. I then print X's now such and such, initializing dot, dot, dot.
5. Thrown when a circularity has been detected while initializing a class.
6. Apply log file and database changes before initializing the time range display.
7. The initializing program, reading program and basic program of MC6821 PIA chip are illustrated and the flowchart is given.
8. Acquisition means creating a variable and initializing it to refer to the system resource.
9. Cannot retrieve file mapping size while initializing configuration settings.
10. The initialization module is used for initializing the subscriber line interface controller.
11. The dynamical simulation is implemented by initializing the parameters of the system.
12. While initializing the path object, the PATHNAME variable could be provided in either the native format or in the portable format defined by the Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) committee.
13. All the necessary initializing of the Internet control block structure pointer is done and the control returns to tcp_attach().
14. An error occurred while initializing the auto caption string table.
15. An error occurred while initializing the caption string table.
16. An unresolvable problem occurred while initializing the package information.
17. We would like to have the option of initializing an infinite random vector with the values in another vector.
18. The code for the PPE takes care of initializing the program, setting up one or more SPEs with tasks, and performing input and output.
19. N So, I'm initializing a variable called N to the string length of s1.
19. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
20. Finally, the OS loader application is responsible for initializing the kernel.
21. This paper depicts an adaptive routing algorithms by initializing or maintaining routing table dynamically.
22. Constructing an object of derived type involves constructing and initializing all its base subobjects.
23. Results showed that high stress concentration around the spot weld edge may be the determinable factor for initializing and propagating of the high cycle fatigue crack.
24. Then the direct centrosymmetric solutions were obtained by applying the iterative method in finite steps an arbitrary initializing centrosymmetric matrix.
25. Secondly, for the purpose of speeding up the process and ensuring the randomicity and universality, heuristic knowledge is added to endpoint initializing in the construction of original population.
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