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Initial value in a sentence

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1, The accepted procedure is to randomly select the initial values for the weights.
2, The new method obtains initial value by taylor method, then gains the ultimately results by the grads method. It avoids the appearance of many useless solutions of complex transcendental equation.
3, Brightness is the initial value of the order with the actual needs of the relative changes.
4, The Initial value and Increment fields (as shown in Figure 3) can set the value of the initial row and each subsequent row.
5, The equal sign and the expression giving the initial value are in fact optional in a variable declaration.
6, In order to determine the initial value of seat attitude parameter in 6 DOF function, an ejection seat all-attitude formula was presented in this paper.
7, This paper will discuss the solution of an initial value problem of parabolic type.
8, The stability, starting problem, initial value of sub-iteration and convergence criterion of implicit iteration of the dual-time stepping method are studied.
9, The boundary - initial value problem is reduced to a boundary - value problem only.
10, By taking these intersections as initial value, all exact real solutions of the equation group within a certain range of value are generated with the unrestraint optimization method.
11, In this article an initial value resolving method is Presented for resolving the non-linear transient Process caused by saturant characteristic of some block of the system.
12, Analyzes the stochastic ergodicity and sensitivity of initial value of chaos model,[ value.html] proposes the chaos pseudo parallel genetic algorithm (CPPGA) based on multiple populations.
13, We consider the initial value problems of forced quasilinear wave equation with nonlinear dissipation.
14, Given a initial value, a wave packet can be expressed as a definite integral or an improper integral.
15, The initial value problem for a nonlinear hyperbolic equation is studied. The existence and uniqueness of the global strong solution to the problem are proved.
16, Based on the features of initial value sensitivity, parameter sensitivity, ergodicity and random similarity, chaotic maps are now widely used in information encryption.
17, Because the use of an uninitialized object is a common program error and often difficult to uncover, we generally recommend that an initial value be provided for each defined object.
18, In the new method, the spectrum measured value was firstly normalized to eliminate the intensity modulation, and an initial value of Optical Path Difference (OPD) was calculated by extremum method.
19, The traditional raytracing methods comprise the try-shooting method of the initial value problem and the bending method of the border value problem.
20, And the chaos optimal algorithm can improve the computing speed because of its exquisite interior configuration, randomicity,[] ergodicity and sensitive to the initial value.
21, Upper lower solutions method and monotone iterative technique are applied to initial value problem.
22, The local existence and uniqueness of smooth solution of the periodic initial value problem for degenerate Landau-Lifshitz system of antiferromagnets in one dimension are proved.
23, For arbitrary large initial data, if it is away from vacuum, the smooth solutions to the initial value problem are uniformly (namely, independent of time) away from vacuum.
24, When the initial disturbance is in the asymptotically stable attractive region, the solution of the initial value problem of the quadratic delay discrete singular systems approaches zero.
25, But in the singularity circuits that contain pure capacitance loop and pure inductance cutset, the initial value is possible of jumping phenomenon when switching.
26, This paper gives a method to calculate the arithmetic square root by iteration with given accuracy, analyses the iteration error and provides a selected range of initial value with the given accuracy.
27, It is not possible to define variables of such types without giving an initial value.
28, Based on the research of orbit determination by using two GPS satellites, this paper discusses the initial value problem and provides an effective method of getting initial value.
29, This optimization algorithm has merits of wide selection range of initial value, reliability and rapidly convergence.
30, The results show that jet fuel price mean and profit mean were influenced by initial value of change probability vector and adjustment rate of jet fuel price.
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