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Inhumanity in a sentence

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Antonym: humanitySimilar words: humanityinhumaninhumanehumanitarianismhumanitieshumanitarianhumanizehumanismMeaning: [‚ɪnhjuː'mænətɪ] n. 1. the quality of lacking compassion or consideration for others 2. an act of atrocious cruelty. random good picture
1, They were accused of inhumanity in their treatment of the hostages.
2, Man's inhumanity to man never fails to shock me.
3, This is another outrage catalogue of terrorist inhumanity.
4, Equally parliamentarians spoke of cruelty, inhumanity and tyranny as features of the slave trade and slavery, often providing vivid examples.
5, The inhumanity seems to lie in allowing the full weight of responsibility to fall on the child.
6, This shows inhumanity because it is despicable to convict a man of a crime of which you know he is innocent.
7, But I do recognise barbarity and inhumanity when I see them.
8, Their failure was that, because of man's inhumanity to his fellow beings, they did not fulfil their potential.
9, Reformists were appalled by the immorality and inhumanity of the slave trade.
10, Amnesty International protests against injustice and inhumanity.
11, The novel focuses on the inhumanity of prisons and labour camps.
12, " Inhumanity " and "sycophancy" are criticized, thus deepening the meaning of faithfulness, justice and humanity in the thought of Confucian discourses.
13, I have seen much inhumanity, cheating, corruption, sordidness and selfishness but I have not become cynical.
14, Having been dehumanized in turn, they will embrace inhumanity and brutality.
15, It'shows that the EU Parliament recognizes the inhumanity of the annual massacre.
16, The illegality is quite equal to the inhumanity.
17, Many instances of cruelty and inhumanity can be found on both sides.
18, The monument stands as a chilling reminder of man's inhumanity to man.
19, Other choreographers find disturbing themes of madness, the tragedy of war and man's inhumanity to man.
20, Vice is immorality. Infidelity is immorality. Treachery is immorality. Inhumanity is immorality. Dr T.P.Chia 
21, It was a knotty mass of blue and black tissue - final proof of Dowd's inhumanity.
22, But I have met many who objected to the kind of society it has created because of its injustice and inhumanity.
23, His meditations are interrupted by two figures from his past,( who remind him of separate acts of cowardice and inhumanity.
24, The real cause of war and strife is not religion, but man's inhumanity to man.
25, Gertrude Hauser, superintendent of the dogs' home, is accustomed to such examples of man's inhumanity to dumb creatures.
26, The fifth anniversary of Sept. 11 is both a reminder of the inhumanity of the extremists we are up against and the humanity shared by most citizens of the world.
27, And we must never again turn a blind a government anywhere engages in gross inhumanity.
28, Camus thinks of illogicality as discomfort aroused in the presence of inhumanity and degeneration in front of the substance human beings encounter.
29, Through dialogue, flashbacks , and stories, Hemingway offers telling and vivid profiles of the Spanish character and unsparingly depicts the cruelty and inhumanity stirred up by the civil war.
30, It's more about sadness and loneliness than about cruelty or inhumanity.
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