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Ingenuity in a sentence

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Sentence count:130+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-09-12Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: clevernessingeniousnessinventivenessSimilar words: in generalcontinuinga large number ofequitysingerfingersomething elsemenuMeaning: [‚ɪndʒɪ'nuːətɪ /-'nju-] n. 1. the power of creative imagination 2. the property of being ingenious. random good picture
1. It didn't take much ingenuity to transform the door into a table.
2. Inspecting the nest may require some ingenuity.
3. Considerable ingenuity is needed to minimize costs.
4. The children showed a lot of ingenuity.
5. Native resources of scientific talent and ingenuity have not run dry.
6. Drug smugglers constantly use their ingenuity to find new ways of getting drugs into a country.
7. We are looking for someone with ingenuity and imagination.
8. Creativity, ingenuity and flair are the songwriter's real talents.
8. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
9. The problem tested the ingenuity of even the most imaginative students.
10. They adapted the available materials with great ingenuity.
11. We have to admire his ingenuity in redesigning the machinery.
12. The boy showed ingenuity in making toys.
13. His ingenuity with words stamped his as an outstanding politician.
14. But we aren't testing human ingenuity.
15. Despite all this ingenuity, the Malibu has been built with a bad case of the rolling uglies.
16. But the danger, in fastening on Ayckbourn's ingenuity, is that we overlook what he is saying.
17. A good teacher will constantly exercise his ingenuity in making the new intelligible.
18. The resulting effort and ingenuity would bring greater production and greater resulting rewards for all.
19. But human ingenuity and intelligence, plus what may amount to an instinct for symbolism, comes to the rescue.
20. But not all the skills and ingenuity of law draftsmen could wholly circumvent the deviousness of ancient land law.
21. His ingenuity and artistry never ceased to intrigue the others.
22. Getting out of this mess was going to require a fair degree of ingenuity.
23. There is always a solution, so long as you are prepared to use your ingenuity.
24. He is a democrat with the skill, nerve, and ingenuity to push the limits of the possible.
25. Cornelius never failed to be unimpressed by the mother's ingenuity.
26. Watching the golf was an ordeal which cramped the muscles and stretched the ingenuity of the masses to the limit.
27. Meanwhile, though creative financing has mostly been stamped on, some councils' past ingenuity is catching up with them.
28. I had no fear of him and was pleased with my own ingenuity.
29. A detailed exposition and defence would require considerably more ingenuity and effort.
30. Attempts to reconcile these two decisions have expanded human ingenuity and expended an unconscionable amount of time, effort and paper.
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