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Information processing in a sentence

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Sentence count:156Posted:2017-11-14Updated:2017-11-14
Similar words: production processmisinformationdisinformationprocessingproprietary informationinformationdata processingword processingMeaning: n. the sciences concerned with gathering, manipulating, storing, retrieving, and classifying recorded information. random good picture
1. The human information processing system generally has few problems with spoken or written language, even when the stimulus is noisy or ambiguous.
2. Clearly, a key element of e-commerce is information processing.
3. My information processing is perfectly normal.
4. This development forced information processing managers to socialise with their counterparts at other organisations.
5. Data communication system, information processing device and method, recording medium and program.
6. With molecules as a drive of information processing, lots of electric characters in the molecular space can be researched in the molecular electronics.
7. Her research interests include signal and information processing, engineering of human-computer interaction, application of computer etc.
8. In this paper the software for the information processing system of Chinese characters is introduced. It includes monitor, text editing, file management, print control, data retrieval etc.
9. Optical correlation detection and recognition part of optical information processing, it has high parallel processing, high - capacity.
10. Neuronal circuitry for centrifugal modulation in visual information processing. Visual information is transmitted and processed from the retina to the telencephalon where visual perception results.
11. Based on fuzzy information processing and multilayer perceptron, a fault diagnosis scheme of condenser is presented.
12. In this paper, the direction finder information processing and controlling system is designed.
13. The protective relaying and fault recorder information processing system is composed of a master station system, communication network and slave station system.
14. Computer, as a kind of information processing terminal, has been changing the appearance of the world.
15. In a system that encodes information in terms of patterns of activity information processing could be going on without a net increase in metabolism.
16. This can shorten the lead time, but to be effective it must be accompanied by the correct information processing pattern.
17. Therefore, the representation and acquisition of knowledge play a key information processing and natural language understanding.
18. For the past few years, with the development of photo-communication, photoelectronics and optical information processing. Non Linear Optics (NLO) become more and more important.
19. And proposes a new adaptive modifying image grey value method based on fuzzy information processing technique.
20. Automatic Chinese word segmentation is the basis of Chinese information processing.
20. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
21. Management information system typically provide the basis for integration of organizational information processing.
22. On 1960 Jan 13 the American Standards Association convened an organizational meeting in New York City to discuss and approve the formation of Committee X3, Computers and Information Processing.
23. For acquisition of the gene chip information, how to correctly locate the probe dots in the chips scanning image is the base of the chip information processing.
24. Chinese input method is one of the key challenges in Chinese information processing.
25. The only way to make a real-time kinoform is to use the liquid crystal spatial light modulator. And the kinoform is valuable to optical information processing and optical measurements.
26. The central theme is that the analysis of semantic paradigm and syntagm of verbs, the bottleneck in NLP, form the groundwork in natural language information processing.
27. The analysis of optic flow information is vital for determining the direction and velocity of locomotion and has been a hotspot of the studies on visual information processing in recent years.
28. It is the "unexpected" aircraft or the "unexpected" event that places a burden on information processing, requiring re-planning and attention to pilots' compliance with instructions.
29. This cycle of input, process, output, and storage is called the information processing cycle.
30. In IT technology rub Er is mensurable , this law tells us information processing technology to every 18 months promote efficiency one times.
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